Graduate Endorsements

All teaching candidates must earn at least one endorsement. Endorsements indicate which content and grade levels you are qualified for and authorized to teach. Elementary education covers grades K-8. Secondary endorsements cover grades 5-12 and several endorsements including Special Education, the arts, Health/Fitness, Reading, and English Language Learners include grades K-12.

Steps to Earning an Endorsement

  1. Pass the content test (WEST-E/NES) in the endorsement area.
  2. Show competency in each content area as outlined by the state.
  3. Complete a student teaching experience in the endorsement field.

You must take the content test in your endorsement area for admission to the program. You must pass the test in order to continue into fall coursework.  At PLU we have a WEST-E Plus policy, meaning you must take and pass the content test in your area of endorsement, but we also want to see content coursework or a combination of coursework and experience in the subjects you would teach. The first step in determining whether you need any prerequisite coursework is to turn in the basic application along with your official transcripts. The Advisor for the School of Education and Kinesiology will do a detailed endorsement review. You will then have a clear sense of what, if anything, would be needed. Typically, students will take any needed prerequisites at local community colleges or accredited online colleges.

  • You can apply without the WEST-B or WEST-E/NES, just indicate dates of testing on the application (if scheduled) or leave blank.
  • You must pass the WEST-B before we can offer you admission.
  • You must take the content test for admission and pass before starting your student teaching internship in the fall
  • You must complete any missing content coursework before starting your student teaching internship in the fall.

Getting Started

Because the endorsement review takes 1-2 hours per applicant, we limit formal reviews to those who have applied. You are encouraged apply with the PLU online graduate application form and to attach all transcripts for review purposes (unofficial transcripts are acceptable). You can wait to send your resume, letters of recommendation, and essay until you are ready to complete the application. There is a 40.00 fee to apply. If the fee poses any hardship, please contact

Visit PLU

Sometimes it’s easier to figure out what you need with a conversation. Please feel free to call us or come in to see us. Please fill out a Visit PLU form or contact the PLU Office of Admission, Graduate Programs at or 253-535-8570 to make an appointment.

Available Endorsements

Click on the endorsement name to download the endorsement worksheet.  Scroll through the document if you do not see the content as all related content areas (e.g. all science areas) are contained in one document.  These will be completed by the Education Department but can help give you a sense of the requirements.  You should consult with the Department before taking additional pre-requisite courses to be certain they will meet the requirements.