Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid

Undergraduates please visit the university financial aid site.

Graduate Programs

PLU provides many opportunities to candidates to help them pay for their education.  To apply for federal financial aid please fill out the FAFSA application.  PLU also offers opportunities for more aid through scholarships, fellowships and a 10% discount to all alumni!   Click here for information on the PLU Graduate Scholarships.  Information about fellowships applications will be in your admission packet. Tuition is based on a cohort model. The tuition covers the costs of this program only. Additional fees are listed below.  Costs/courses for endorsements are not included in the cohort price. Students must complete the program with their cohort to remain eligible for cohort pricing.  For more information, visit the graduate financial aid page.

Program costs for the Master’s and Alternative Routes programs are available here.

Alternative Routes candidates may qualify for the WA State Conditional Loan.

Additional Costs for Teacher Certification