Alicia Barrett, Therapist in Training

Approaches her work from a holistic standpoint, drawing on a foundation in mind-body practices. She holds the belief that within each of us lies the strength and inner wisdom needed to address and overcome the challenges hindering the realization of our true potential. Working with individuals and couples, Alicia employs empathy and a nonjudgmental approach, collaborating with clients to unravel the thoughts, behaviors, and patterns that underlie the focal points of their therapeutic journey. Guided by the mantra “No Mud, No Lotus,” Alicia underscores the transformative potential within adversity. Just as the lotus flower blooms in the muddiest waters, she believes in our capacity to reach full potential, even amid life’s hardships. Utilizing a mindfulness-based approach, Alicia fosters a profound awareness of the cycles and patterns in one’s life without judgment, empowering individuals to navigate toward positive change.

Alicia Barrett