What is the average length of time to find employment post-graduation?

We survey our graduates each December/January, and the following is based on the total number of responses received.  The last two columns show how many months graduates were typically looking for work, and the average length of time to find employment post-graduation.

Graduating Year # Responses / # Graduates Average # Months Looking Average # Months Post Grad to Find Employment
2016 9/19 .4 -.1
2015 18/23 1.58 .25
2014 11/15 1.9 .2
2013 15/19 2.26 2.2
2012 14/16 1.7 1.6
2011 10/13 2.5 2.4
2010 14/20 1.96 1.25
2009 13/18 1.58 0.57
2008 11/20 2.5 0.36

What do PLU MFT graduates do once they graduate?

Our graduates….

  • Are employed in a variety of settings including community agencies, mental health centers, private practices, schools, medical settings, substance abuse centers, churches, and community colleges.
  • Are primarily in therapy positions or a combination of administration and therapy.
  • May choose to pursue doctoral degrees.
  • Serve in professional organizations and on community boards.
  • Are prepared to pursue Clinical Membership in AAMFT and meet education requirements for state MFT license.
  • Often become MFT supervisors.


What is the occupational outlook for marriage and family therapists?

Job prospects are expected to be good for marriage and family therapists because of a combination of the projected increase in number of jobs over the next ten years and the expected need to fill jobs vacated by separating employees. According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Marriage and Family Therapists have a projected job growth rate of 23% from 2016-2026

How many students are accepted each year, and how many apply?

Typically, 20 students are accepted and about 60-70 apply for the program.

I do not have the necessary prerequisite courses, should I take them before I apply?

You may apply even if you don’t have all the prerequisites yet. You must take all required prerequisites before you enter the program or they can be incorporated into your individualized program. You will receive advisement after you apply for the program.

Is it possible to have a job while I complete this program?

If your job is flexible it is possible to work full-time for the first two or three semesters. During the second year of the program it can be more difficult to maintain a full-time job as you are required to fulfill 20 hours per week at your internship site along with the required classes.

Is it possible to live in Seattle while I complete the program?

The MFT Program continues to have students who commute from the Seattle area. For the first year, it is only necessary to drive to Tacoma twice a week for classes. Once students start their practica, they will have to be on-campus at the CFTC 3-5 days a week. For the remainder of the program, students will attend class at PLU 1-2 days a week, while working at their internships 15-20 hours a week. One of our off-site internship sites is located in the Seattle area.

What kind of life experience do you need to excel in the program?

Besides application requirements, students should have paid or un-paid experience working with different types of people in an interactive environment. In addition, experience with diverse populations prior to entering the program increases ones ability to contribute to the classroom and practica experience.