Debbie Parnell, Therapist in Training

MA Candidate – Marriage and Family Therapy at Pacific Lutheran University
BA – Psychology from Vanguard University of Southern California

Debbie works with couples, families, and individuals to achieve their personal goals, increase opportunities for personal growth, and explore their thoughts and emotions to move through difficulties they are facing. She sees healing through a systemic lens, which means that how we show up in the world today individually and relationally are impacted by our culture, race, ethnicity, family of origin, and sexual identities. Debbie is passionate about helping couples and families get “unstuck” in patterns that are not serving them. Her background includes working with at-risk teens as well as people who have experienced injuries on-the-job within Washington’s worker’s compensation system. She understands the complex impact of work interruptions and health crises on individuals and their families. With all clients, Debbie strives to stay curious about their lives and to create a warm and nurturing environment that facilitates healing and growth.

Debbie Parnell