Shawnda O'Briant-Noone, Therapist in Training

We all carry stories within our bodies and minds. Whatever story brought you here, you are welcome to come as you are. Rooted in curiosity and non-judgment, I intend to co-create a warm space that allows a meaningful exploration of your needs to foster a more compassionate connection with your mind and body. Using a holistic and trauma-informed approach, we will gradually untangle your story in a way that best honors and affirms the innate wisdom you carry from your lived experiences and identities. I am passionate about working with clients experiencing life transitions, anxiety, and chronic illness and those in partnerships who are curious about expanding their communication toolkit from an empathetic foundation.

When I’m not immersed in the world of mental health, I value the moments that bring joy, rest, and connection through painting, meditation, gardening, mindful movement, reading, playing video games, or exploring the PNW with my partner and two dogs.

Shawnda O'Briant-Noone