Each year, CCES awards scholarships and recognition for students involved in volunteering and service. Application and nomination forms linked below descriptions. Nominations and applications are now open for 2018!

Awards will be given at the annual Celebration of Service on April 18, 2018. 

Student Service Scholarships

Faye M. Anderson/Van Beek, Gladys Mortvedt, and the Fossness Memorial Leadership Awards and Scholarships

These student scholarships will be awarded to six students to recognize outstanding student commitment to voluntary service and community engagement.

David T. Alger Award

Two individuals will be honored with this exceptional award, one student and one faculty, staff or administrator. Each awardee will receive $500 to gift to a community organization, agency, or cause in the spirit of continued giving and philanthropy.

Student Organization Award for Service and Community Engagement

Awarded to a PLU student club or organization that has shown a sustained commitment to serving others in the local community.

The Ron Pierre Vignec Community Partner Award

PLU will honor an individual or organization that partners effectively with PLU students, staff, faculty or departments and exemplifies commitments to serving marginalized people, educating others and challenging the broader public.