Makonde Mask 2

Makonde Mask 2

Artist: Unknown Makonde artist

Name: lipiko helmet mask

Origin: Makonde people of Northeast Mozambique and Southern Tanzania

Made of: Wood (ntene) and pigment

Dimensions: H: 9.5” 24.1 cm); W: 9” (22.9 cm); D. 11.5” (29.2 cm)

From: Gift of Oliver and Pamela Cobb, 2008

Accession no. 2008-02-005

On display in the PLU’s Mortvedt Library (2nd floor)

Northeast Mozambique and Southern Tanzania

Description: This large, light brown wooden mask, which has been blackened in many spots, represents a male character and is used in Makonde mapiko ceremony. The facial features are large and pronounced including a wide nose, hollow eyes and large lips. Although there is a clear eyebrow ridge there are no actual eyebrows present. In the mouth there are 4 teeth and on the upper lip is a indentation of a small circle in the center. Around the skull is a rim that runs the entire circumference. Beneath the rim are tabletop styled ears and at the back of the skull is “curved w-shaped” imprint 1 cm deep along the nape of the head.  He also has a very short neck. There are a couple small holes on the top of the skull.