Urhobo Water Masquerade Staff 1

Water Masquerade Staff
Urhobo Water Masquerade Staff 1

Artist: Unknown Urhobo artist

Name: Water Masquerade Staff

Origin: Urhobo (Ue-ha-bow) people of Nigeria

Made of: wood, pigment (chalk?)

Dimensions: H: 25” (63.5cm); W: 3” (8cm)

From: Gift of Dr. Oliver E. and Pamela F. Cobb, 2010

Accession no. 2010.02.007

Not presently on display


Description: A thin, wooden staff, carved from two pieces of dark brown wood and stained with a white-chalk like pigment. The female figure atop the staff holds up a small vessel, which is backed by eight barbs. Her arms are projected straight upwards showing no joints or digits. The figure has intricately carved teeth, distinct eyes, as well as elongated and pointed breasts, all of which can be attributed to Urhobo carving styles.