Mende Sowei Mask 1

Sowei Mask
Mende Sowei Mask 1

Artist: Unknown Mende artist

Name: Sowei helmet mask

Origin: Mende people of Sierra Leone

Made of: Wood

Dimensions: H: 14.5” (37 cm) W: 8.5” (22 cm) D: 13.4” (34 cm)

From: Gift of Dr. Oliver E. and Pamela F. Cobb, 2009

Accession no. 2009-02-004

On display in the PLU’s Mortvedt Library (2nd floor)

Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone

Description: This Sowei mask has a large, rounded forehead with an undeveloped chin. It also has scarification marks around the eyes, rings of skin around the neck and two additional rings at the back of the neck. The mask also has a crested coiffure with a platform for an amulet.