Makonde Mask 3

Makonde Mask 3

Artist: Unknown Makonde artist

Name: lipiko helmet mask

Origin: Makonde people of Northeast Mozambique and Southern Tanzania

Made of: Wood (ntene), human hair, pigment and beeswax

Dimensions: H: 10”(25.4 cm); W: 7.5” (19cm); D: 12” (10.5 cm)

From: Gift of Oliver and Pamela Cobb, 2009

Accession no. 2009-02-013

On display in the PLU’s Mortvedt Library (2nd floor)

Northeast Mozambique and Southern Tanzania

Description: This red-brown mask has more feminine and smaller features than the others. It has a hairstyle resembling an adorned bun that is decorated using real human hair. It has squinting eyes and thin black eyebrows. The nose is small and the lips are thin. There are 6 teeth within the mouth and a space where one appears to be missing. There is a small crack running up along the back of the mask with a small hole at the top of the skull. There is also a small notch in the front of the rim that goes along the bottom of the neck.