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Bete Gre Mask

Bete Gre Mask

Artist: Unknown Bete artist

Name: Gre (Grr-ee)

Origin: Bete people of Côte d’Ivoire

Made of: Wood, metal

Dimensions: Height: 28.6 cm, 11.25 in, Width: 16.8 cm, 6.62 in, Depth: 12.7 cm, 5.00 im

From: Gift of Dr. Oliver E. and Pamela F. Cobb, 2007

On display in the PLU’s Mortvedt Library (2nd floor)

Côte d’Ivoire
Côte d’Ivoire

Description: Gre masks have brass studs that emphasize facial features that protrude from a flat face. Small holes in the front of the face allow the wearer to see.