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Cover Letter – Cover letters combine the skills, personality and experience relevant to the position you are applying for. When applying for a position, a cover letter is your chance to convince the employer to read your resume. Learn more about convincing the employer that you ARE the best fit for this job.


Online Version of Resume Folder – The number one thing about resumes are skills. Learn more about the best way to communicate your skills through the WHAT+HOW+WHY format.

Nursing Resume Examples – Here are resumes designed specifically for nursing. a) Nurse Roy Resume Example b) Nurse Joy Resume Example

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Getting the Most Out of a Career Fair – Career fairs offer tremendous opportunities other than simply seeking an internship or job. This provides an opportunity to build your professional network and learn more about a specific career field. Impress employers with your level of preparation.

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Informational Interviewing – Informational interviews are fantastic opportunities to inquire with professionals working in your field of interest. There is no better way than to go straight to the source to learn more about specific careers

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Internships – Information about internships. Apply what you’ve learned in the classroom to outside organizations.

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Interviewing – Anyone can have the skills for the position, but it takes personality to be successful in the job you are applying for. Skills are teachable, but employers are looking if your values and personality match with the organization. The best story-tellers are the best interviewees. Learn more how to answer interview questions using the STAR method.

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LinkedIn Tips – Are you on social media? Do you have an online profile? Yes. 70% of employers will search you on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Learn more about branding yourself professionally on LinkedIn.

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References – All references should be professional such as previous employers, co-workers, faculty members and advisers. Learn how to formally request a recommendation from your network.

Interview Attire – Dress to impress. They know you on paper, now they will meet you in person. First impressions make a huge impact. Read these ten tips for interview attire. Do not forget to wear your confidence!

Mentor-Mentee Resources – The mentoring experience is designed for students to learn about career opportunities and connect with alumni industry professionals with the goal of providing a rewarding experience for both partners.

GoinGlobal is a resource you can use to search for global job or internship opportunities. You can also explore their Career Guides, which provide insight into employment markets all around the world.


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