The Holocaust and Genocide Studies Minor

The Holocaust and Genocide Studies program is strongly grounded in PLU’s forty-year dedication to Holocaust Studies and the University’s educational commitment to helping its students develop as global citizens, future leaders, and whole, richly informed persons. As the University’s statement on General Education notes, PLU offers an education not only in values, but in valuing, and asserts strongly that “life gains meaning when dedicated to a good larger than oneself.”

Close study of the Holocaust and other examples of systematic mass violence challenges us to push far beyond our comfort zones. Students who choose to earn a minor in Holocaust and Genocide Studies will join a scholarly community that believes that the Holocaust and other genocides must be studied, their victims must be remembered, and human rights and dignity must be honored through our daily beliefs and actions. At the same time, we recognize that the search for lessons drawn from the Holocaust and genocide is a complex, challenging, and on-going process.

For more information or to declare a minor in Holocaust and Genocide Studies, please contact Professor Lisa Marcus (