Mission Statement

What is studying history all about at PLU?

Traditionally, the discipline of history has focused on the critical analysis of text-based evidence from the past and seeks a detailed, complex understanding of individual and collective human behaviors as they have changed over time.

PLU students of history develop lifelong habits of critical thinking, inquiry-based reading of texts, effective research and technical skills, and the appreciation of complexity and diversity in human behavior.

History majors also develop the skills needed to work collaboratively, organize and deliver oral presentations on historical subjects, and produce substantial research papers that demonstrate the student’s competency in historical research and written expression.

What can you do after PLU? History graduates prepare for active citizenship and a variety of career opportunities, including library and information sciences, research, jobs in technology, government service, journalism, law, business, or graduate school in History. Many of our graduates consider teaching at the middle school, high school, or college levels. For more information, click Why Study History?