Beth Kraig

Professor of History

Beth Kraig - Professor

Status:Phased Retirement

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  • Ph.D., University of Washington, 1987
  • A.M., University of Chicago, 1984
  • M.A., Western Washington University, 1981
  • B.A., San Francisco State University, 1979


Beth Kraig’s strongest interests center on the history of discrimination and oppression (and resistance to those forces) in the United States, and especially in the 20th century. Her research into the subject include examinations of anti-gay ballot measures in the 1970s, racism in the military in World War II, and feminist voices in popular literature in the post-WWII decades. She is actively involved in interdisciplinary programs and fields of study, including Women’s Studies and Peace Studies, and has participated in research and projects that center on the importance of historical thinking in interdisciplinary contexts.

Recent publications by Beth Kraig include articles on Grace Jones and Cynthia McKinney in the African American National Biography, Oxford University Press, 2008 and available through Oxford’s online African American Studies Center.  Recent journal articles include “Are We There Yet, Driver? Searching for the Automotive Human,”  Midwest Quarterly 48 (2007), and “It’s About Time Somebody Out Here Wrote the Truth: Betty Bard MacDonald and North/Western Regionalism,” Western American Literature 40 and “The Unquiet Death of Guglielmo Olivotto,” Peace & Change 30 (2005).