When students enroll at PLU, they accept financial responsibility for charges associated with their enrollment at the university.  These include, but are not limited to tuition and fees, on campus room and meal charges, and miscellaneous fines that may be incurred for misuse of parking, library and/or on-campus living privileges.  Financial responsibility is spelled out on the Payment Contract students must sign before registering for classes.  These charges are posted on the Cost Information page under the Student Financial Services website and students are expected to be aware of and understand how and when these charges are assessed.

When charges have been assessed that a student feels are not applicable, inappropriate or unfair due to unforeseen or extraordinary circumstances, they may submit an appeal for relief of those charges by submitting a Financial Appeals Form to the university.  A financial appeal is initiated by requesting the Financial Appeals Form from the Office of Student Financial Services.  Requests must be received within six months of the semester in which the contested financial charges were assessed.   The appeal is reviewed by the Financial Appeals Committee, which is made up of the university’s Controller, Bursar, Registrar, Dean of Enrollment Management & Student Financial Services, Vice-President for Student Life,  Dean of Students, Director of Risk Management & Insurance, the Associate Director of Student Success, and the Associate Director of Student Financial Services.