Previous Balance:
Current Balance from the previous month’s Student Billing Statement. This amount is now past due and is subject to an interest charge.
In addition, a financial hold may be placed on the student’s account.

Current Activity:
All transactions (charges or payments) applied to the student’s account since the previous month’s statement date. The due date on this billing statement applies only to current activity charges.

Current Balance:
The student’s account balance [Previous Balance + Current Activity] does not include Pending Financial Aid.

Pending Financial Aid:
Financial aid that has not yet been applied to the student’s account; please contact the Student Financial Services or visit for details. In order for financial aid to be listed in one of the categories below, you must have accepted the financial aid online or through your Offer of Financial Aid. It is the student’s responsibility to see that all financial aid accepted on the Offer of Financial Aid is credited to their student account. Financial aid requirements include but are not limited to loan applications, verification forms, entrance counseling, etc. All financial aid and other resources must be applied to your student account by September 30th for Fall and February 28th for Spring.

  • Incomplete: Pell Grant is incomplete until the Office of Student Financial Services confirms your eligibility with the U.S. Department of Education or any scholarships, grants or loans that have outstanding requirements.
  • In Process: Any non-federal loan you have accepted (except those with outstanding requirements such as promissory notes, etc.) will be applied to your student account 10 days prior to the start of class.
  • Complete: All requirements have been met. Aid will be applied to the student’s account 10 days prior to the start of class.

To receive University gift assistance, undergraduates must be enrolled in at least twelve credit hours (full time) each semester. For most undergraduate students, financial aid is based on a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester. If enrollment drops below 12 credit hours, University gift assistance will be canceled and other financial aid may be revised.

Current Due or Credit Balance:
This is the current amount due or credit balance.

  • Current Due: The amount due to the University by the Due Date indicated on the statement. However, the Previous Balance
    portion of this amount is due upon receipt of this billing statement.
  • Credit Balance: Please contact the Student Financial Services regarding the credit balance refund process.

Current Schedule:
List of classes for which you are either registered or wait listed. Registered (under Status) means that you are registered for these classes and have been charged tuition in the Current Activity section. Wait listed means that you are not registered and tuition has not been charged in the current activity section. The wait list process is explained in the Class Schedules.