Summer 2018

Explore Ancient Egypt and other fascinating civilizations.

HIST 388: ST: Early Western Civilizations – SO   ONLINE

Prof. Michael Halvorson, Ph.D., Professor of History

When: June 4-29, 2018, Summer Term 1

Meets: Completely online (no set meeting time, but plan for daily assignments and activities Monday through Friday)

Description: Hist 388 is a special topics course that offers a concise history of western civilizations from ancient Mesopotamia to the Fall of Ancient Rome. The course introduces students to major themes in the development of western society, religion, politics, art, and literature. We investigate historical problems, conduct online research, write short essays and a research paper, and interact completely online. Read selections from The Epic of Gilgamesh, discuss how ancient Egyptians built the Pyramids, learn about Greek gods and goddesses, and study key political events in the evolving Roman Empire. You’ll be amazed at how many online sources there are for investigating ancient history!

Attributes: 4 credits, upper division course, Social Sciences credit (SO), History elective

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