I-94 Arrival/Departure Record

Retrieve I-94 ASAP

It is important to retrieve your I-94 as soon as you return to the U.S. from international travel. You will be asked to provide I-94 number when applying for an Optional Practical Training benefit or at some other occasions.

Trouble retrieving your I-94 number?  Please contact ISS immediately!

How to Retrieve I-94

Get your passport and printer ready! Go to www.cbp.gov/i94 and enter following info:

  • Family Name
  • First Name
  • Birth Date
  • Passport Number
  • Country of Issuance (This is your country of citizenship. It is NOT necessarily the country where your passport was issued)

Submit Print Out of I-94 to ISS

Please drop off or email ISS the print out of your I-94 (an example shown below). ISS can keep a copy in your student file just in case you lose your passport. Students who lost their passports were so glad that ISS had a copy!

I-94 sample document


I-94 Corrections

If you notice that Customs and Border Protection (CBP) made an error with your I-94 entry record (misspelled name, incorrect date of entry, incorrect date of birth, incorrect class of admission, etc.), it may be necessary to have your I-94 corrected.

To request an I-94 correction, please follow these steps:

  • Make electronic copies of the following documents:
    • Your passport bio page
    • Your visa page in your passport
    • The entry stamp in your passport
    • Your PLU I-20 or DS-2019
  • Email documents and explanatory statement to CBP’s Seattle Deferred Inspection Site at i94.correction.seattle@cbp.dhs.gov
    • Explain what information is incorrect or missing, and mention which documents you’ve attached to the email in support of your correction request
  • Wait for a confirmation email:  It can take several weeks to receive a response from CBP.