Shipping Items to PLU

Some of you may be thinking about shipping items such as books to PLU instead of packing in your limited luggage. Please read information on this page carefully before shipping items!

Notifying PLU Mail Services

All items shipped to PLU are first received by Mail Services then distributed across campus. If you are a new student and have not moved into your on-campus residence hall, the Mail Services staff may not recognize your name. The package will be sent back to the sender within 5 business days. If you would still like to ship items directly to PLU, it is important to request the mail room staff to hold your package.

To notify Mail Services, please send an email to

Upon your arrival to campus, you can pick up your package in the mail room. The office is open on weekdays between 8AM-Noon and 1PM-5PM.

On-Campus Address

This is how to address your on-campus mailing address:

Your Full Name
Residence Hall Name, Room #
Pacific Lutheran University
Tacoma, WA  98447

PLU has a unique zip code so there is no need to put a street address!

For Bed Linens Only

If you purchase bed linens online and would like to access them on the day you arrive to PLU, you may choose to ship them directly to the International Student Services office. As mentioned above, the mail room is only open on weekdays until 5PM, but orientation leaders can access the ISS office outside of normal business hours.  To ship items to ISS, please use the following address:

C/O (Care Of) International Student Services
Pacific Lutheran University
12180 Park Ave S
Tacoma, WA  98447
Phone Number: 253-535-7264


Alert ISS to Expect Your Bed Linens!

Please fill out this form so that ISS can expect your bed linens to arrive. The deadline to fill out this form is August 1 (for Fall) and January 15 (for Spring).