Program End Date Extension

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Program End Date Extension

Students are eligible for a program extension if:

  • I-20s have not yet expired. The expiration date is indicated on page 1 of the I-20.
  • Continually maintaining lawful F-1 status.
  • The delay was caused by compelling academic or medical reasons.
Student Information

This number can be found at the top right on the first page of your I-20. It has 10 digits and stars with N000

Academic Advisor Approval

Please copy the template below and email it to your academic advisor. Please ask your academic advisor to choose language from the template and email it back to ISS.


RE: Program End Date Extension for <<Name of the Student>>

I am an academic advisor of the above student. The student <<is/ is NOT>> currently in good academic standing. The student <<is/is NOT>> making normal and satisfactory progress in <<his/her>> degree program.

The student has not yet completed the current program due to <<change of major/ change of research topic/ unexpected research problems/ loss of credit upon transfer/ difficulty with English language/ difficulty with American educational methods/ original length of time was not reasonable/ medical issue*/ other compelling academic reason**>>.
  * the student must attach a statement from a licensed medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy, or licensed clinical psychologist to substantiate the illness or medical condition.
   ** please explain.

I <<recommend/ do NOT recommend>> that the student be given a program extension.

The student is expected to complete all degree requirements on <<MM/DD/YYYY>>.

Declaration of Finance

Complete Declaration of Finance Form for an extension request of a semester or longer. For an extension request of an additional Summer or J-term, there is no need to submit this form. 

The form must accompany a letter written in English from a financial institution indicating an account balance. The balance needed (total estimated yearly cost) is listed on the form.  You may deduct PLU scholarship amount. If the request is for one semester only, you may show half of the estimated yearly cost.

ISS accepts faxed, copied or scanned documents! There is no need to provide originals. 

Please submit all documents to International Student Center front desk (Harstad 112) or by email to

Request Submission

By pressing submit below, I am submitting a Program End Date Extension request. I understand that this request needs to accompany an email sent from my Academic Advisor to ISS. If I am requesting an extension of one semester or longer, Declaration of Finance Form and a Letter from a Financial Institution must be submitted to the International Student Center front desk or ISS email. 

Health Insurance Reminder

F-1 International Students are automatically billed and enrolled for PLU International Student Insurance. 

If you are extending your program end date to the end of J-term, January 31, you will be billed for J-term only coverage.

If you are extending your program end date to the end of Summer term, August 31, please note that the insurance coverage ends on August 14.

If you have any questions or concerns, please consult with ISS by emailing us at

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