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Update Major or Minor in SEVIS

On the initial I-20 you received from PLU, a major which you intended at the time of application is printed. If you now have declared a different major, added a second major or a minor, please fill out this form.

***If you are an Undergraduate Business major, "Business Administration and Management, General" will be printed on your I-20. Concentrations within Business majors, such as Accounting, Finance, Marketing, etc... will not be printed on your I-20.

Checking Declared Majors/Minors in Banner

Please log into your Banner account. Click on the "Student Services" tab, then the "Student Records" link, select a current term and click on the "submit" button.  

What majors and minors are listed?

If Banner records are wrong, please speak to your academic advisor.

Current I-20

New I-20 Issuance

Primary major, secondary major and a minor can be recorded on your SEVIS record. On your I-20, only primary and secondary majors are printed. No new I-20 will be issued if you have declared a minor.  New I-20 will be issued if you declared a different primary major since the time of your application to PLU.

Student Information

This number can be found at the top right on the first page of your I-20. It has 10 digits and stars with N000

Request Submission

By pressing submit below, I am submitting a request to update major or minor in SEVIS record. When this request is completed, ISS will email you. In the case of new I-20 issuance, please pick it up at the International Student Center front desk located in Harstad 112. Please bring PLU ID card for verification.

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