Outside Scholarship Postings

This page provides opportunities for PLU students to secure additional scholarships  and allows us to discontinue the practice of providing paper notices and/or applications in the Hauge Administration Bldg.  You are encouraged to apply for any scholarships for which you meet its eligibility criteria to help fill a financial gap, possibly reduce the amount of student loans you need to borrow, or even give you a little more financial flexibility with your expenses.

Please note that we have reviewed these donor organizations’ webpages but have not applied for their scholarships; an application requiring a fee in their application process is not trying to give you their money, but take some of yours instead.  Don’t apply and let us know so we can take down the scholarship posting.   This webpage will be updated whenever new scholarships notices are received, so check back often; especially in early winter when many scholarship applications are made available by donor organizations.  Good luck!

Childcare Tuition Assistance Program Up to $2200 per termApplications open April 1, Deadline unspecifiedhttps://goodwinconnections.org/FT student, 2.5 minimum GPA, in residential custody of child under age of 12
Trinity Education Foundation Scholarshipup to $10,000 per year for four yearsNot specified. https://tef-lbi.org/trinity-scholars-program/EFC generally between $5600 and $10,000, short essays
P.E.O Star Scholarshipone time $2500not specifiedhttps://www.peointernational.org/about-peo-star-scholarship-starGraduating High School senior, enrolling in a US or Canadian college within a year of high school graduation
JMJ Phillip Group College Scholarship4 annual scholarships of $1,000unspecifiedhttps://jmjphillip.com/jmj-phillip-stem-scholarship/3.6 GPA, STEM majors, letter or recommendation & essay
WA Student Achievement Council American Indian Endowed ScholarshipBetween $500 and $2,000March 1, 2021https://wsac.wa.gov/american-indian-endowed-scholarshipWA resident with social or cultural ties to an American Indian tribe or community within WA State.
Sinclair Broadcasting Diversity Scholarship10 scholarships up to $5,000 per yearMarch 28, 2021https://edyy.fa.us2.oraclecloud.com/hcmUI/CandidateExperience/en/sites/CX_2002/pages/16SOPH. or JR., pursuing career in broadcasting.
Brad Beman Grant $1,000April 1, 2021https://bradbemangrant.com/How A.I. Helps Entrepreneurs to Overcome Business Challenges
Edward Dalius Giving Scholarship$1,000April 1, 2021https://ericdaliusgiving.com/Essay response to prompt question on scholarship website
Outdoor Stack Annual Scholarship$1,500April 15, 2021https://outdoorstack.com/finaid/any full time student interested in outdoor activities
Marc Ravenscroft Grant program$1,000May 1, 2021https://marcravenscroftgrant.com/700-800 word essay on the website's prompt question addressing the higher education funding challenge
Michael Giannulis Grant$1,000July 1, 2021https://michaelgiannulisgrant.com/Essay response to prompt question on scholarship website
Global Perspectives Scholarship$1,000, 2 $250 runners upAugust 1, 2021https://rusticpathways.com/students/scholarships/global-perspectives-scholarship#terms-and-conditions500 word essay on a global impact project
Jonathan Baktari MD Scholarship$2,000, twice annuallyAugust 1, 2021 and December 1, 2021https://jonathanbaktarimdscholarship.com/1000-1500 word essay on prompt question on scholarship website
Demaurio Clark Scholarship$1,000October 1,2021https://demaurioclarkscholarship.com/U. S. citizen or permanent resident enrolled Full time
Ian Mausner Grant Program$1,000October 1, 2021https://ianmausnergrant.com/Essay response to prompt question on scholarship website
Michael S Weintraub esq Scholarship$1,000October 1, 2021https://michaeleweintraubesqscholarship.com/Essay response to prompt question on scholarship website
Arash Hadipour Niktarash Scholarship$1,000November 1, 2021https://arashhadipourniktarashscholarship.com/Essay response to prompt question on scholarship website