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Refund Information

Direct Deposit forms must be completed online, printed and submitted to the PLU Business Office, Hauge Bldg, Room 110.

  • No handwritten forms accepted.
  • Do not submit by email.

Parents: The refund can only be payable to the borrowing parent if you have a Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan. Only the borrowing parent can set up the Direct Deposit (ACH) into their bank account. Indicate your preference to whom the check is to made payable (i.e. to parent or to student) on the PLUS loan application. To change the recipient of the PLUS loan refund, complete and submit Parent Federal Title IV Proceeds Authorization 

If you have a credit balance, or excess funds on your account then you may request a refund at any time. Refunds are generated by a Refund Request Form. Refunds are processed weekly and can be picked up in the Office of Student Financial Services with picture ID or mailed to your permanent address.

NOTE: The refunds for each semester are stated below. Financial aid funds will disburse to your student account before the beginning of each semester, provided all disbursement requirements are completed. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure disbursement requirements have been satisfied and prepare for their living expenses before their refund is available.

Refunds will be processed weekly. All forms submitted to the Office of Student Financial Services by 4:00 p.m. on Monday will be available that Friday.

Go to your Banner Self-Service account. If you see a Refund on your account by Thursday, then your refund would be available by Friday.

Students contracted with Tuition Management Systems (TMS), may occasionally see a credit balance on their PLU student account. This can occur because the contracted amount for each term/semester is credited to the student account as a lump sum for the semester and not each monthly payment. A refund cannot be processed until all payments have been made for the semester. You can view the status of your payments by checking with TMS online or calling 888-713-7234.

The Title IV Federal Proceeds Authorization allows for payment of charges such as book advances, interest charges, library charges, parking, health services charges, etc from your Federal proceeds. If this authorization is not signed only tuition, class fees, room & meals are covered.

If an account credit balance results from Federal proceeds and the Title IV Federal Proceeds Authorization has not been signed, the student is responsible for any charges not covered by the Federal funds.  These may include, book advances, interest charges, library fines, parking, and other additional charges that may occur on your student account.

If you have an agency that pays all or part of your PLU expenses, they are considered a Third Party Payee. The Third Party is not billed for your expenses until after the tenth day of classes in a semester you are registered. The credit balance displayed on your student account will not be available until after the Third Party pays the university.