Free Money

Scholarships and grants are gift aid that go directly onto your PLU student account. Unlike loans, you don’t have to pay these funds back. Outside scholarships from non-PLU sources are added to your account, and depending on your financial aid package, your need-based financial aid MAY be reduced by a like amount (beginning with work study and student loans) per federal regulations.

PLU endowed scholarships may be used to replace some or all of your other PLU funded awards (like Q-Club and Academic Scholarships), dollar for dollar. Eligibility for all PLU funded scholarships and grants require full-time enrollment (12-17 credits per semester).

What types of ``Gift Aid`` are there?

1: What are Merit-Based Awards?

Merit-Based Awards are scholarships awarded to recognize academic or artistic achievement and leadership. These awards are not based on financial need. As an NCAA DIII school, PLU does not take into consideration athletic participation, performance or leadership in the awarding of any of its scholarships.

Application:  Students must complete the Presidential Scholarship application in addition to all admission application materials by December 1.

Eligibility:  Only students who have been selected for the President’s Scholarship.

Amount:  Full tuition, renewable for an additional three years of undergraduate study.

Number: Five Regent’s Scholars are selected from the 125 President’s Scholars after an on-campus competitive faculty interview process.

Awarding:  Students are notified within two weeks after the interview process in late winter.  Please Note:  The Regent’s Scholarship will replace the previously awarded President’s or Harstad Founder’s Scholarship.

Application: Students must complete the Presidential Scholarship application in addition to all admission application materials by December 1.

Eligibility: Only students who have been selected for the President’s Scholarship.

Amount: New Freshmen entering PLU in 2021-22 receive $35,000 per year renewable for an additional three years of undergraduate study, fall and spring semesters only; 3.3 cumulative GPA required for renewal.

Number:  Ten Harstad Founder’s Scholars are selected from the 125 President’s Scholars after an on-campus competitive faculty interview process.

Awarding:  Students are notified within two weeks after the interview process in late winter.  Please Note:  The Harstad Founder’s Scholarship will replace the previously awarded President’s Scholarship.

Application:  Students must complete the Presidential Scholarship application in addition to all admission application materials by December 1.

Eligibility: High school seniors who have demonstrated significant leadership and service, and have achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.8 (weighted), or scored 1310 or higher on the SAT (math and evidence-based reading and writing only), or scored 28 or higher on the ACT.

Amount: $30,000 per year, renewable for an additional three years of undergraduate study.

Number:  125 President’s Scholars are selected each year, from an applicant pool of  over 600.

Awarding:  Students selected for the President’s Scholarship will be notified in mid-January, and invited to a faculty interview in late winter to compete for the Harstad Founders’ and Regents’ Scholarships.  Please Note:  The President’s Scholarship will replace any PLU academic scholarship previously awarded.

Eligibility: Awarded to freshmen and transfer students who have demonstrated strong academic success. Requires full-time enrollment (12-17 credits per semester).

Amount: Varies, awarded for fall and spring semesters only.

Comments or Conditions: No application required. Renewable for up to three years of undergraduate study for first year students, an additional two years of undergraduate study for transfer student, fall and spring semesters only. 3.0 cumulative GPA is required for renewal.

Eligibility: Continuing PLU students who are nominated by faculty within their academic major based on outstanding academic performance. Requires full-time enrollment (12-17 credits per semester).

Amount: Varies, awarded for fall and spring semesters only.

Comments or Conditions:  Nominations are made in the spring for the next academic year.  Non-renewable unless student is re-nominated.

Eligibility: National Merit finalist, as determined by results of the PSAT-NMSQT (preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test) competition.

Amount: Winners of a PLU-sponsored National Merit Scholarship will receive scholarship and grant assistance (from all sources) that ranges from one-half to full tuition per year and is renewable for up to three additional years of undergraduate study.

Comments or Conditions: Finalists must list PLU as their first choice with the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.

Eligibility: All transfer students who are active members of Phi Theta Kappa at the time of application.

Amount: $1,500 per year (renewable for undergraduate study only)

Number: Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of academic merit. Requires full-time enrollment (12-17 credits per semester), awarded for fall and spring semesters only.

Awarding: Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships may be awarded in addition to an Academic Merit Awards described below.  PTK scholarships may not be added to Provost’s Scholarships.

Application: Students must indicate PTK membership on the PLU application for admission. No other application is required.

Eligibility: Students with a 3.00+ GPA and demonstrated leadership or active involvement in a multi-ethnic context. Requires full-time enrollment (12-17 credits per semester).

Amount: Up to $2,000 per year, awarded for fall and spring semesters only.

Comments or Conditions: Requires application; deadline March 22. Applications available through the Center for Diversity, Justice, and Sustainability or Requires reapplication to be renewed each year.

Eligibility: Full-time undergraduates.

Amount: Up to full tuition, on campus room/meals.

Comments or Conditions: Must file FAFSA for on-campus living costs to be covered. Call PLU’s ROTC office for further information, 253-535-8740.

2: What are Need-Based Awards?

Need-Based Awards are scholarships and grants from PLU as well as state and federal sources. These awards, which do not have to be repaid, are based on financial need, varies by program, and may include other eligibility criteria such as academic achievement.

Eligibility: Awarded to full-time students. Based on academic achievement and financial need. Q Club is a group of more than 2,000 friends and alumni committed to making PLU accessible to deserving students.

Amount: Varies, depends on FAFSA calculated need. Awarded for fall and spring semesters only.

Comments or Conditions: No separate application required. FAFSA required each year, as well as a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

Eligibility: Full-time students demonstrating financial need.

Amount: Varies, depends on FAFSA calculated need.  Awarded for fall and spring semesters only when student does not meet GPA minimum for Q Club Scholarship.

Comments or Conditions: No separate application required. Based on financial need, FAFSA required each year.

Eligibility: Washington State residents who are Washington College Bound Scholarship eligible and graduated from a Washington State high school with a  cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better.  Requires filing the FAFSA or WASFA each year to re-establish eligibility annually and is limited to up to eight semesters for fall and spring semesters only.

Amount: Varies, depending on the amount of the PLU annual tuition not yet covered by already awarded federal, state and PLU scholarships and grants.

Comments or Conditions: Student must be a College Bound Scholarship recipient for the semester this award is awarded.

Eligibility: Students receiving scholarships from any Dollars for Scholars chapter. Requires full-time enrollment (12 or more credits per semester).

Amount: Varies. Up to $1,000 per student.

Comments or Conditions: The university matches Dollars for Scholars chapter awards, dollar for dollar, up to $1,000 per student, based on financial need. Dollars for Scholars is a program of Scholarship America. FAFSA required each year.

Eligibility: Students with a Pell eligible EFC from the applicable aid year FAFSA.

Amount: Ranges from $338 – $3098 per semester (2019-20) for full time enrollment, prorated for less than full-time enrollment.  Enrollment status is established on the census date (10th day of the term, after the course add/drop period ends ).

Comments or Conditions: Based on financial need (Expected Family Contribution). FAFSA required each year.

Amount: At least $100 based on full-time enrollment, varies with need.

Eligibility: Students between half-time and full-time enrollment receive 50% of full-time award; students less than half-time receive 25% of full-time award.

Comments or Conditions: Based on financial need, priority given to students with Pell Grant eligibility. FAFSA required each year.

Eligibility: At least half-time WA residents meeting Washington Student Achievement Council need criteria.

Amount: Subject to state funding.

Comments or Conditions: Based on financial need. FAFSA required each year.  Undocumented students may apply using the Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA). Terms & Conditions of the grant can be found on our website as well as in the Financial Aid Handbook

Eligibility: At least half-time WA residents eligible for funding under the WA State Need Grant program

Amount: Maximum of $11,904 for full time students, when combined with the State Need Grant award, set by Washington Student Achievement Council.

Comments or Conditions: Based on financial need, FAFSA required each year. Application to participate was made while student was enrolled in a Washington middle school.

Eligibility: Undergraduates students who are residents of WA state, majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering, mathematics, or health care programs of study whose family income is at or below 125% of the Washington median family income. A minimum cumulative GPA is also required. Separate application is required at

Amount: $2,500 per year for the first two years of study, $5,000 and $7,500 per year for  the third and fourth years.

Comments or Conditions: Applications for the 2019-20 academic year closed on Feb. 28. FAFSA required each year to establish income eligibility.

3: What are Grants?

Some grants are awarded to students for reasons that are independent of the student’s merit or need.

Eligibility: Dependent students whose parent(s) attended PLU (PLC) for at least one year.

Amount: $1000 per year for four years.

Comments or Conditions: No application required, renewed annually.

Eligibility: Dependent children of ordained ministers who are actively serving a Christian congregation fulltime.

Amount: $1,000 per year for four years.

Comments or Conditions: No application required, renewed annually.

Eligibility: Students who have been confirmed in a Lutheran church that has established a Partner Congregation relationship with PLU.

Amount:  $1,500 per year for four years.

Eligibility: International students.

Amount: Varies, but is available for up to four years of undergraduate study and 2 years of graduate study.

Comments or Conditions: Must be full-time. Awarded automatically and renewed annually to students who maintain good academic standing.

Eligibility: Students receiving scholarships of $100 or more from any Christian church congregation.

Amount: $100-$1,000 per year.

Comments or Conditions: Awarded by Office of Student Financial Services. Matches a church scholarship, dollar for dollar, up to $1,000 (minimum of $100) per/year. To receive matching funds, a PLUMS application form is required and must be received by August 15 each year. In addition, PLU must receive all PLUMS payments by October 1 each year.

SAGE Scholars program

PLU is a participating school in the SAGE Scholar Tuition Rewards program.  This ensures that students with SAGE scholar tuition reward points will receive additional scholarship or grant funding from the university.  The exact amount of additional PLU funding and how those funds are labeled will depend on the level of tuition rewards points earned at the time the student begins their enrollment at the university, and whether PLU can offer a higher amount using its own scholarship guidelines than is required by the SAGE agreement.  Students are offered the award that will result in the higher dollar value, not the sum of both.  For instance, if the student has been awarded an annual $20,000 PLU academic scholarship, but has only $10,000 in tuition rewards points, the university’s “matching” requirement will already have been met (and exceeded) by the $20,000 academic scholarship;  thus, there will be no additional award offered, labeled as a “SAGE Scholar Tuition Reward”.  However, if that same student did not qualify for any PLU academic scholarship, they’d receive an annual $2500 “Sage Scholar Tuition Reward” (25% of the total tuition reward points, up to a maximum of $10,424 in 2018-19).

Eligibility: Tuition remission is a university employee benefit that covers 90% of tuition or up to 75% of tuition for their dependent undergraduate. The application is made with Human Resources. Recipients of tuition remission who are also awarded PLU merit or PLU need-based gift awards will have the sum of their tuition remission and PLU gift aid capped at the full cost of tuition. This full tuition cap also applies to students bringing a tuition exchange benefit to PLU from another university.

Eligibility: At PLU, graduate students who intend to teach in a public or private elementary or secondary school that serves students from low-income families as a full time teacher in a high-need field. Prior to receipt of this grant, student must complete the TEACH Grant Entrance Counseling AND sign the Agreement To Serve document.

Amount: $4,000 per year, $2,000 per semester

Comments or Conditions: Recipients of the TEACH Grant must teach as a highly-qualified teacher for at least four academic years within eight calendar years of completing the program of study for which the TEACH Grant was received.  Failure to complete this service will result in all TEACH Grants received to be converted to a Federal Direct Unsubsidized Direct Loan, with interest charged from the date the grant(s) was disbursed. TEACH Grants that are converted to a Direct Unsubsidized Loan are repaid to the U.S. Department of Education. Recipients whose grant is converted to a loan will be given a six month grace period prior to entering repayment.

4: What are Restricted Awards

Scholarships that are made available to PLU students through the generous contributions of donors and friends of Pacific Lutheran University. These scholarships are awarded by the PLU Office of Student Financial Services or designated departments. There is no separate application process associated with the awarding of these awards unless indicated otherwise.

List of Active Scholarships (Restricted Awards)

Scholarship Name
Class of 1967 Endowed Scholarship
Agnes Berge Smith Music Scholarship
Andy and Irene Anderson Endowed Nursing Loan Fund
Travis and Shirley Aikin Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Andy and Irene Anderson Endowed Scholarship for Nursing
Loren J. and MaryAnn W. Anderson Global Scholar Grants funded by the Loren J. and MaryAnn W. Anderson Global Scholarship Endowment Fund
William and Jeanie Anderson Endowed Scholarship
Hazel M. Anderson Endowed Scholarship
Mary Elaine and Erling Anderson Scholarship
Tom and Kathryn Anderson Endowed Scholarship
Faye M. Anderson-Van Beek Endowed Scholarship for Community and Volunteer Service
Ruth Anenson Memorial Scholarship
Ankrim-Miller Endowed Scholarship
Anthropology Alumni Award Endowed Scholarship
Mary Jane Aram Endowed Scholarship
Donna Arbaugh Scholarship in Environmental Studies
George Arbaugh Philosophy Scholarship
Clifford & Lydia Arntson Endowed Scholarship
Hedvig Arthur Memorial Endowed Scholarship
AURA / Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Endowed Scholarship
Esther Westby Aus Education Scholarship Fund
Olive Anderson-Aust and Gerald Aust Endowed Scholarship
Marguerite and Wilmer Baer Endowed Scholarship
Elbert H. Baker II and Janice M. Baker Endowed Music Scholarship
The Bangsund Family Scholarship
Vilis M. Barevics President's Scholarship
Don F. and Ruth E. Bayer Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Peter and Lydia Beckman Endowed Scholarship in History
Paul M. Bellamy Endowed Music Scholarship
Linda P. BeMiller Scholarship to Encourage the Pursuit of Personal Philanthropy
Alfred and Virginia Benson Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Clifton E. and Edith M. Benson Scholarship for the Visually Impaired
Berg Endowed Scholarship Fund
Clenora E. Berge Nursing Scholarship
Charles Bergman and Susan Mann Endowed Study Abroad Scholarship
David and Carolee (Chindgren) Berntsen Endowed Scholarship
Bilbrough Family Endowed Nursing Scholarship
Alfred and Alice Bishop Memorial Scholarship
Lynne A. Biteman Endowed Nursing Scholarship
Frieda R. Blandau Endowed Scholarship
Luther and Dilie Quale Boe Endowed Education Scholarship
Erwin F. and Alice C. Bolduan Endowed Scholarship
Vanda Bortell Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Havana Bradner Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Lt. Brian N. Bradshaw Memorial Scholarship
Jorunn Breiland Endowed Student Scholarship
Agnes J. Brodahl Memorial Music Scholarship
Betty Brown Memorial Business Scholarship
Stanley and Terryl Brue Travel Abroad Scholarship in Economics
Stanley and Terryl Brue Travel Abroad Scholarship for Social Sciences
Buchanan Family Endowed Scholarship
Erhardt and Virginia Buchfinck Endowed Scholarship in Education
Chester Buhl Endowed Vocal Music Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. W. B. Burns Scholarship
Rev. Burzlaff Memorial Scholarship
Saugen Transfer Scholarships for the School of Business
Jack Cady Promise Scholarship
Cory Kenneth Carlson Memorial Scholarship
Ruth F. Carlson Endowed Nursing Award
B.G. "Bob" Carroll Memorial Scholarship
Comprehensive Gerontologic Education Partnership Endowment
Pak Joe Chan Endowed Scholarship
Edward and Alene Christiansen Scholarship for Nursing
Walter H. Christensen Endowed Scholarship
Ruth A. Christian Endowed Scholarship for Education
Earl K. Clemens Endowed Scholarship
Hulda Cocanower Endowment Scholarship
Collard Family Scholarship Fund
Computer Science Scholarship Endowment
Dorothy and Powell Cone Memorial / Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Endowed Nursing Scholarship
Donald E. and Maxine R. Cornell Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Kenneth A. Johnston Endowed Scholarship in Education
Irene O. Creso Merit Scholarship
Professor David P. Dahl Endowed Music Scholarship
E. John and Lorene E. Dahlberg, Jr. Endowed Scholarship
Margaret Melver Dakan Endowed Scholarship
George L. Davis / Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Endowed Business Scholarship
Harold B. and Frances S. Dawson / Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Endowed Nursing Scholarship
Deal Family Endowed Scholarship in the Liberal Arts
Thomas Dixon Endowed Scholarship
Michael Doolittle Endowed Scholarship
Ronald and Margaret Douglass Endowed Scholarship
Fosness Memorial Leadership Scholarship
Ernst & Young Endowed Scholarship
Earl E. and Martha L. Eckstrom Endowed Scholarship
The Stanley and Terryl Brue Endowed Scholarship
Capt. W. Larry and Mrs. Janice D. Eichler Scholarship
The Rev. and Mrs. E.E. Eidbo Endowed Scholarship
Phyllis L. Ekstrom Music Scholarship
Nancy Elken Memorial Scholarship for Nurses
Rev. John Whiteneck and Rev. Joe Smith Generations for Peace Endowment
Katherine Olsen Ericksen Nursing Endowment
Carl and Ethel and Carl R. (Bob) Erickson / Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Endowed Scholarship
A. I. Eyring Liberal Arts Endowed Scholarship
Gerry and Linda Evanson/Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Endowed Scholarship
Gloria Grove Everson Endowed Scholarship
Russell Investments Endowed Business Scholarship
Fairbanks Lutheran Church Scholarship
Faith Lutheran Church of Portland Scholarship
Theresa Ferguson Endowed Scholarship
Donna Lee Fisher Memorial Endowed Nursing Scholarship
Phylaine V. and Kenneth L. Folson Endowed Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. L.C. Foss Memorial Scholarship
Jeannette Fowler Educational Fund
Roland and Annette Funk Endowed Scholarship
Alan and Ann Gaines Study Away Endowment
Gates Foundation Global Scholar Initiative
Richard E. and Lorraine K. Geiger Endowed Scholarship
Allen & Bertha Gibson Endowed Scholarship
John M. Gilbertson Foundation Scholarship
Bertha Gilbertson Scholarship
Wesley E. Gladow Endowed Scholarship
The Kathryn Eide Glick Endowed Nursing Scholarship
Paul H. Gomulkiewicz Endowed Scholarship
Edna M. Gorder/Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Endowed Scholarship Fund for Students of Education
Alice and Stewart Govig Endowed Scholarship
Clarence A. and Olga Grahn Endowed Scholarship
Otis J. Grande/Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Endowed Scholarship in Education
Fern R. Grimm / Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Endowed Scholarship
Aurelius Augustinus "AA" and Esther Peterson Gronberg Endowed Scholarship
Gordon, Thomas, Honeywell, Malanca, Peterson and Daheim Law and Community Service Scholarship
Gulsrud Family Endowed Scholarship
Donald C. and Virginia S. Haas Endowed Scholarship Fund
Gary L. Habedank Scholarship Fund
Arnold J. Hagen Memorial Scholarship
Maria Hageness Endowed Scholarship Fund
Frank H. and Nellie L. Haley Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Frank Haley Memorial Endowment Fund
Johanne Marie Hansen Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Arthur H. and Jennie Lee Hansen Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Nels Marcus Hansen Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Rolph and Betsy Hanson Endowed Scholarship
Brian Harshman Memorial Scholarship
Marv and Dorothy Harshman Endowed Scholarship
Bjug Harstad Endowed Scholarship
P. E. Hauge Endowed Scholarship
Virginia Grahn and Iver M. Haugen Global Study Opportunity Endowed Scholarship
Tom and Tyne Haukebo Endowed Scholarship
Elizabeth T. Hensel Endowed Scholarship
Earl and Astrid Hildahl Endowed Scholarship
The Loren Hildebrand Endowed Scholarship in Business
The Loren Hildebrand Endowed Scholarship in Business
Gil Holland & Margaret Thompson Holland Endowed Scholarship
James D. Holloway Music Scholarship
The Hoover Family Endowed Scholarship
John Hopper Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Caroline C. Hovland Endowed Scholarship
The Edward W. and Dr. Curtis E. Huber Memorial Scholarship
Kenneth and Irene Hultgren Nursing Scholarship
Kenneth and Irene Hultgren Nursing Scholarship
Suzanne Ingram Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Terry Irvin Memorial Scholarship
Islam Family Foundation Endowed Scholarship
Julius and Jean Anderson Endowed Nursing Scholarship
Mike Jacobson Scholarship
Ole M. Jennestad Memorial Scholarship
Donald L. Jerke Leadership Award
Johnson and Alfsen Scholarship
Per and Anna Johnson and Ed and Hildur Larson Scholarship
The Mathew Jibbensmith Endowed Scholarship
Richard Jobst Endowed Scholarship
Reverend Joe E. Smith Endowed Scholarship
Agnes S. Johnson / Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Endowed Scholarship in Nursing
Edwin R. Johnson Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Luther H. Johnson/Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Endowed Scholarship in Business Administration
Ted and Doreen Johnson / Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Scholarship in Natural Sciences
Pearl N. Johnson / Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Endowed Scholarship for Student Nurses
Ted and Doreen Johnson / Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Endowed Scholarship in Physics
T.L. Johnson Sr./Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Endowed Scholarship in Electrical Engineering
Stella Jorgensen Endowed Scholarship
Theodore O.H. and Elizabeth Karl Endowed Scholarship in Forensics
Theodore O.H. and Elizabeth Karl Scandinavian Cultural Center Endowed Scholarship
Lind B. Karlsen Music Scholarship
Phillip G. and Alice L. Kayser Endowed Scholarship
Elizabeth B. Kelley Endowment Scholarship
Barry Kensrud Memorial Scholarship
KeyBank Business Scholarship
Gundar King Endowed Scholarship
Lars and Alberta Kittleson Endowed Scholarship
Kluth Endowment for High Achievers in Athletics and Physical Fitness Scholarship
Knudsen Family Endowed Scholarship
The Einer and Ruby Knutzen Endowed Scholarship
Gladys M. Knutzen Memorial MBA Scholarship
Gary and Mavis Koch Endowed Scholarship
John S. and Edna M. Korsmo Endowed Scholarship
Hilda S. Kramer Music Appreciation Endowment Scholarship
Dr. Robert Alan Krause Memorial Scholarship
Gus Kravas Scholarship Fund
The Patricia L. and Thomas W. Krise Endowed Internship Fund
Howard, Eugenia and Jon Kvinsland Endowed Scholarship
Luther Memorial Church/Louise Schreiber Memorial Scholarship
Louis and Leona Lamp Memorial Scholarship
George Lanning Memorial / Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Endowed Scholarship
Dr. John O. Larsgaard / Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Charles Larson / Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Endowed Science Scholarship
Ebba and E. Arthur Larson Nursing Scholarship
Ludvig and Clara Larson Endowed Scholarship
Lutheran Brotherhood Sustaining Scholarship Fund
John and Mary Lee Endowed Organ Scholarship
Orlando and Myrtle Lee/Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Endowed Scholarship
Guy J. and Louise Leesman Scholarship
LHC (Lyman Claridge) Endowed Scholarship Fund
Paul Liebelt Endowed Scholarship
Lief Eie Endowed Scholarship
Monica Sara Lightell Memorial Scholarship
Ernest and Jennie Liming and Art and Ethel Cummings Endowed Memorial Scholarship
W.H. Lindberg Trust Scholarship
Richard E. and Anita Hillesland Londgren / Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Endowed Scholarship
Alfred and Althea Lund / Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Endowed Scholarship
Gene and Marian Lundgaard Endowed Scholarship
Lutheran Leadership Award
Constance R. Lyon Endowed Scholarship
Muffet Gilpin Nursing Endowment
Mabel Peterson Wing Scholarship
Lindsay A. Majovski Endowed Scholarship
Dorothy and Wilbur Mancke Scholarship Fund
Joe Marchinek Memorial Scholarship
Margaret Greenwood Endowed Scholarship for Gerontologic Nursing Education
Mathematics Endowed Scholarship
Mary Baker Russell Music Scholarship
Nancy Claire Meader International Scholarship Fund
Alma Meisnest Endowed Scholarship
Marshall-Kelley Kama'aina Endowed Scholarship
Lila Moe Scholarship
Richard D. Moe Scholarship in the Arts
Elizabeth and Thomas Mansell and daughter Moira Scholarship Fund
Eunice Moller Endowed Scholarship
Katharine Monroe Endowed Scholarship Fund
Forestine Wise Monsen Memorial Piano Scholarship
Erling O. Mork Scholarship for Excellence in Leadership and Diversity
Lillian C. Morris Endowed Scholarship
Brenda and Randy Morris Endowed Scholarship for Business
Gladys Mortvedt Voluntary Service Award Scholarship
Murray-Danielson Management Award
Richard P. and Shirley P. Neils Memorial Scholarship
George and Alma Nelson Scholarship
Harold and Sylvia Nelson Endowed Scholarship
Nerland Endowed Norwegian Scholarship
Andreas and Ingrid Ness Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Helen L. Ness Endowed Scholarship
Milton and Hazel Nesvig International Scholarship
Thelma Newton Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. Gus H. Nieman Memorial Scholarship
Margaret P. Nistad Scholarship
Robert A. Nistad Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Nan Nokleberg/Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Endowment Scholarship
Northern Lights Fund
The Nupen Family Nursing Scholarship
The Odberg Family Scholarship
Brian C. Olson Memorial Scholarship
Clifford O. and Ella L. Olson Endowed Memorial Athletic/Music Scholarship
E. Goodwin and Dorothy H. Olson Endowed Scholarship in Education
Linda N. Olson / Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Endowed Nursing Scholarship
Robert E. Olson Memorial Scholarship
Iver A. Opstad Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Richard and Lynn Ostenson Endowed Scholarship
Judy Williams Packard Endowed Scholarship
Shereen Paff Special Education Scholarship
Robert and Myrtle Parker Endowed Scholarship
Katherine R. Parrish Memorial Scholarship in Nursing
Henrietta Sehmel Bennett and Emil Bennett, and Christine Myklebust Pedersen and Peter Pedersen Endowed Scholarship
Arne and Gloria Pederson Endowed Scholarship in Education
Rena Strandberg Pellegrini Endowed Presidents Scholarship
Carl Gustaf Peterson Memorial Scholarship
Sharon R. Peterson and Donna L. Fisher Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Sheryl Laubach Peterson / Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Endowed Scholarship
Blanch Pflaum Scholarship
Kenneth Christopherson/Walter Pilgrim Endowed Scholarship in Religion
Plus Business Scholarship Fund
Bernice Polchow Endowed Scholarship
Nora J. Ponder Scholarship
Military Order of the Purple Heart
Robert B. Quello Family Memorial Scholarship
The Carol Sheffels Quigg Award for Excellence and Innovation
Edward Ramsdale Endowed Scholarship
Edward Ramsdale Endowed Scholarship
Anders and Emma Ramstad Award
The William Kvindlog and Betty Ann Ramstad Endowed Scholarship in Education
Marvin J. Ramstad Endowed Scholarship
Margaret and Winfield Rasmussen Scholarship
Elmer E. and Mary Louise Rasmuson Scholarship for Students from Alaska
Raymond Family Endowed Scholarship
Roger Reep Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Kathryn Reese Memorial Scholarship
Recreational Equipment, Inc. Scholarship
Robert and Jean Reid Family Foundation Scholarship in Nursing Leadership
Donald F. Reiman Endowed Scholarship
Simon and Marvel Reinbold Scholarship
Charlotte and Lucian Rice Endowed Scholarship
William O. Rieke Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Ronald Steigerwalt Endowed Scholarship
Ed and Margaret Rosin Memorial Scholarship
Rouse Memorial Scholarship
Clifford and Jille Rowe Journalism Scholarship
Joan Royce Endowed Nursing Scholarship
Dr. John A. and Virginia "Jimmie" Saffell Endowed Scholarship for Graduate Students
H. Mark Salzman Memorial Scholarship
Beatrice Scheele and Marie Scheele Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Al and Ella Scheibner Endowed Scholarship Fund
John Schiller and Aleen Linhardt Schiller Endowed Scholarship
Dr. David Schoening Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Walter & Joan R. Schwindt Endowed Scholarship
PLU / SE Idaho Scholarship
Bank of America Foundation Scholarship
Norma Knutzen Sells Scholarship
Margaret Shipley Endowed Scholarship
Kenneth and Margaret Siegele Endowed Scholarship
Sharing In Strength Endowed Scholarship Fund
Skaga Family Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Maurice & Patricia Skones Vocal Music Endowed Scholarship
James Slater Endowed Scholarship Fund
James Slater Endowed Scholarship Fund
Smith Education Endowment Scholarship
Frances Norton Smith Endowed Scholarship
Charles and Etta Smithson Endowed Scholarship
Naydene A. Snodgrass Memorial Scholarship
The Soine Family Endowed Scholarship
Florence Spinner Anderson Memorial Scholarship
H. P. Sponheim Endowed Scholarship
William and Astrid Stancer Endowed Scholarship for Students of Engineering Science
Stan Sanvel Rubin & Judith Kitchen Scholarship Fund
Steele-Reese Foundation Endowment Scholarship
Lorilie Steen Endowed Scholarship
Lynn S. and Ariadne B. Stein Scholarship
Genevieve Stelberg Endowed President's Scholarship
Bud Stinzi Endowed Scholarship
Miriam Irene Stoa Scholarship Fund
Strandholm Scandinavian Studies Scholarship
Dora Strangland Memorial Scholarship
Emil and Engelena Stuhlmiller Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Lynne and H. Loyd Sutherland Scholarship
Roland and Isabelle Swanson Family Scholarship
Marvin O. Swenson Endowed Scholarship For Student Leaders
Tacoma Rainiers Community Fund Scholarship
Ron and Eileen Tellefson/Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Endowed Scholarship
Harvey and Helen Tengesdal Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Thorp Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Donald Timm Endowed Scholarship
Edvin and Ida Tingelstad Memorial Scholarship
Leon and Doris Titus Endowed Scholarship in Business Administration
Alice T. and Marie C. Tobiason Endowed Scholarship
Evelyn Torvend Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Silas and Alice Torvend Endowed Scholarship
Cliff and Ronni Tvedten Endowed Scholarship
Tyler Memorial Scholarship
Karl Ufer Memorial Scholarship
David Ulleland Memorial Scholarship
Ellen Stray Valle Memorial Scholarship
Linda Van Beek Memorial Scholarship
Arthur H. Vingerud Endowed Scholarship Fund
Dr. Roy and Gloria Virak Endowed Scholarship
West Coast Grocery SBA Endowed Scholarship
Wade-Hinderlie Scholarship
Thomas B. and Ina H. Wake Memorial Scholarship
Weathers Endowed Scholarship
Doc and Lucille Weathers Endowed Scholarship
Blake-Webber Endowed Scholarship
Wick Family Endowed Scholarship
Margaret Wickstrom Endowed Scholarship for International Students
Gordon Winsley Scholarship Fund
Jean Christensen Wolfe Scholarship
Katherine Kandel and Elizabeth Oleksak Scholarship for the Women's Center
PLU Women's Club Endowed Scholarship
Shirley and David Wytko Endowed Scholarship
David C. Yagow Endowed Scholarship
Randall Yoakum Memorial Scholarship
Ralph and Celestene Yoder Memorial Scholarship
Helen G. Young Memorial Internship
Shirley Zurfluh Endowed Scholarship

5: Outside Scholarships

Scholarships that PLU students can apply for that are made available from outside organizations. Many of these organizations have their scholarship information posted in the scholarship matching website, PLU students have been particularly successful in receiving scholarships from the Washington Opportunity Scholarship and the Independent Colleges of Washington.  For a list of scholarships from organizations that have contacted PLU seeking to expand their applicant pool, click here.

A new scholarship search engine specifically for Washington state residents or students attending colleges and universities in Washington state.

A scholarship search site that doesn’t require you to login or register.  Scholarships can be filtered by your state, student type, academic area, degree type, and other extra curricula activities. Additional information is provided on writing scholarship essays and thank you letters,  and other saving tips.

Search their database for scholarships that might apply to you. Or sign-up for their newsletter and receive information right to your e-mail.

The College Board’s online Scholarship Search. After a brief questionnaire, the site brings up a listing of scholarships for which you might be eligible.

Application: Students must complete the STEM Scholars Program application, found at, by March 1, 2020.

Eligibility: Student must demonstrate academic potential and have a 3.2 minimum GPA, be interested in pursuing a STEM degree (biology, chemistry, computer science, geoscience, mathematics, physics, or dual degree engineering), and demonstrate financial need via submission of the FAFSA.

Amount:  Up to $7,000 per year, funded through the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) S-STEM Program.

Scholarship Scams

In addition to the reputable scholarship search websites listed above, you will likely encounter many unscrupulous companies looking to profit from your college dreams.  For some helpful “red flags” to help protect yourself, check out the information from the Federal Trade Commission.