Visit the PLU Health Center

In order to participate in a study away program, all students are required to receive the appropriate signatures on an Off-Campus Medical Statement, from the PLU Health Center or your off-campus personal healthcare provider. Your medical provider will determine if an appointment is necessary, prior to signing your Off-Campus Medical Statement. Non-PLU students who will participate in a PLU study away program may visit their campus’ health clinic. Please complete the Off-Campus Medical Statement and submit it to your medical provider, who will then make a determination of your ability to travel, by signing the form and returning it directly to the Wang Center by the established deadlines.

IMPORTANT: If you are studying away on consecutive programs, list both programs and program dates on the Off-Campus Medical Statement. This will allow your medical release to be valid throughout the duration of your final program.

Tips and Notes:
  • Be forthcoming about any medical history on the Off-Campus Medical Statement.
  • PLU students are strongly encouraged to visit the PLU Health Center. Be aware that other providers may charge additional fees (ex. fees to sign the required form) that may result in higher cost.
  • PLU Health Center does not charge for this visit.
  • The PLU Health Center keeps many common vaccines in stock, offering one-stop shopping.
  • Lab tests and some vaccines may result in additional charges.
  • All PLU Health Center charges can be billed to your student account or paid with a debit or credit card.
  • If you have personal insurance, the company may reimburse you for expenses paid to the PLU Health Center. The PLU Health Center will not bill your insurance company. Check with your insurance company and keep all receipts.
  • If you had a physical exam at the PLU Health Center within the last 3 months of the program start date, the appointment may not be necessary. Contact the PLU Health Center to inquire.
  • If you are on a Featured, Approved Program or the Trinidad & Tobago Gateway program, you may have an additional medical form. Bring both medical forms to your appointment to avoid having to make two appointments.
  • The PLU Health Center will submit the Medical Statement to the Wang Center on your behalf.
  • Health details beyond what is required for the medical form are not shared with the Wang Center.