Grace Bingay- GEO London

Psychology (Sociology & Writing Minors)- Class of 2021

What she would like other students to know:
I studied away in London, England during the fall semester of my sophomore year. Going into this experience I had absolutely no idea how drastically my life would change. I stayed in a homestay and felt like a part of the family, attended classes in art museums or theaters, and traveled to a new country almost every weekend. Studying away was the best decision I ever made. Through my experience I broadened my understanding of the world and different cultures, changing my perspective and building my confidence.

A piece of advice to future study away students:
Embrace it all and let yourself experience all the emotions that come with studying away. Take every opportunity you are presented with, grow and learn about other people. Some of the best memories come from spur of the moment decisions.

What surprised her about studying away:
I had no idea that I would fall so in love with London, and Europe in general. A piece of my heart will always be in London because it was a place where I did a tremendous amount of growth and learned to totally and completely love and embrace life.

Grace Bingay
Tower Bridge, London