A Semester in Telemark

Nelson Franks in Telemark, NorwayNelson Franks, a Senior Business student at PLU, insists, “If anyone asked me what they have to do in college, it’s study abroad.” Nelson completed a semester studying business in Telemark, Norway the spring of his junior year. He describes Bø i Telemark, the program site for PLU semester programs with Telemark University College in multiple disciplines including Business, as a small and quaint Norwegian town that is uniquely outdoorsy. He was looking for a program in business that would acquaint him with international perspectives and was happy to report that the program in Telemark delivered a rich variety of approaches to business. “I loved my classes; it was like what I’d been taught before but from someone else’s point of view.”

The business program in Telemark provides PLU students not only with a Norwegian approach to business but the perspectives of students from many countries as Telemark University College hosts international students from various European countries and other parts of the globe.  Nelson was even able to participate in a study excursion to Krakow, Poland through one of his classes at TUC.  “It was fantastic, me and thirty Norwegian students, in Krakow listening to different business leaders present at a conference.”  He says the program was a “perfect opportunity to catch the travel bug” and hopes to use his experience in Norway to springboard into a career in business that is truly international.

-Article by Katie Giseburt, 2013-2014 Sojourner Advocate