Will Radford – Holden Village J-Term 2014; Music Capitals of the World J-Term 2016; IES Vienna Fall 2016

Music Education – Class of 2017

What he would like other students to know:

Study away forged some of my most impactful memories in college and continues to impact my mindset, goals and lifestyle every day. Spending time away provides a wonderful opportunity to see yourself and your home in a different light.

A piece of advice to future study away students:

Put yourself out there and expand your comfort zone. Most of your barriers are only in your mind.

What surprised him about studying away:

I was surprised how much my lifestyle changed after study away. Living without internet and my phone in a small community at Holden village stuck with me even after I left. Upon returning from Holden, I deleted my facebook account and asked more questions about the environmental ethics of my lifestyle. Upon returning from a semester in Vienna Austria, I found a new desire to take my second language skills to fluency and had more desire to go abroad again. This has all led me to teach for a year in Taiwan, and to live in Austria again next year as an English assistant in an Austrian High School. I guess I am surprised that a study away experience could impact so much of my future!

Will Radford
Salzburg, Austria September 2016