Maoloud Dabab, Ph.D.
Maoloud Dabab

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Maoloud Dabab is a Ph.D. candidate in Technology Management at Portland State University. He is employed with the Asset Management branch at the Water Bureau-City of Portland. In 2017, he earned his master’s degree at ETM-PSU as the first step to enrich his mind with a foundation of management knowledge and to bridge the gap between his technical background and management skills. He has a BA in Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Tripoli-Libya (2007), and six years of experience in the telecommunication industry. He also held a teaching position at Technical Engineering College.

Maoloud has dedicated himself to developing his identity as a researcher. This has resulted in around 20 publications in various journals, conferences, and books. He is also a member of OMEGARHO®, American Society for Engineering Management, Portland PowerBI User Group, and Portland R User Group. He is an active reviewer at the Journal of Mobile Communication, Computation, and Information-Wireless Networks-Springer; at the Journal of IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management; and is an editorial assistant at the PICMET.

His interpersonal skills have helped him to gain many awards and honors such as Academic Excellence Aware, Student Activities and Leadership Programs PSU 2019, Outstanding International Student Recognition Award PSU 2019, People’s Choice Awards in Ph.D. Form ETM Poster 2019, and People’s Choice Awards in 3 Minute Thesis PSU 2018.

His interests include analytical and computational methods for optimization and operation research, data mining and finding hidden patterns, strategic planning and management, international technology transfer, and decision making.

For fun, Maoloud likes traveling, meeting new people, and discovering new cultures. He loves to get outside and enjoy the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest. His favorite activities are hiking on trails and meditating while sightseeing.