J-Term Meal Plans

J-Term is a source of much confusion for first-year students. If you have any questions at all, call the Dining & Culinary Services office at 253-535-7472, or e-mail us!

On-Campus for J-Term

If you are on campus for J-Term, you must have a meal plan just like Fall and Spring Semesters. If you want to choose a plan other than the default for J-Term, you can do it through the “Optional Meal Plan” form under QuickLinks on the right-hand side of this page.

Off-Campus for J-Term

If you live on campus fall semester you’ll have an active J-Term housing assignment until you cancel it. Even though you are not billed for J-Term Housing, you still need to cancel your housing. If you have an active J-Term housing assignment you’ll be billed for a meal plan. By canceling your housing, we mean let the Residential Life Office know that you’re going to be gone by completing a Housing Cancellation Form. You will not need to move out of your room for the month (assuming you’re returning in Spring). If you’re on campus MORE than seven days (total) during J-Term, you will receive an email before December 1st linking you to a J-Term off-campus meal plan. Be certain that you have actually registered for your J-Term class. It might seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes people don’t. It’s important because we generate the email list from off-campus course class rosters. The J-Term meal plan is a block of $100 Dining Dollars. They do not expire until the end of May with all other Dining Dollars. Only students enrolled in an off-campus course are eligible to have this special J-Term Meal Plan. If you’re on Campus LESS than seven days (total) during J-Term, you may select the J-Term off-campus Meal Plan, or you may cancel your J-Term meal plan altogether. If you choose to cancel your J-Term meal plan, you MUST cancel your J-Term housing with Residential Life with the Housing Cancellation Form. Your stuff stays in your room and you can be on campus the few days before and after your class, but RLO will need to know you’ll be gone.