2019 Culinary Week — April 8-12

Culinary Week Image

Thanks to the PLU Community for attending all of our events...

You are the reason we love putting on Culinary Week!

We really enjoy showcasing our talented kitchen staff and everyone has a great time sharing their passion for awesome food with you.

This year the classes were:

  1. Ramen by Frank Montes & Kevin Michalk
  2. Fermentation by Erica Fickeisen and Katherine Forsyth
  3. I Can Grill That? by Anthony McGinnis
  4. Quick & Easy Desserts by Kim Umpstead & Javier Alejandro
  5. Won Tons Three Ways by Dave Garber & Didi Riego de Dios

Photos from 2019 Culinary Week

Culinary Week Recipes for Download

Ramen Class — Pork Belly Recipe

Ramen Class — Peking Duck Recipe

Ramen Class — Spicy Red Sauce

Ramen Class — Cucumber Kimchi

I Can Grill That? — Panzanella

I Can Grill That? — Grilled Watermelon & Feta

I Can Grill That? — Onion-Cheese Bread

Quick & Easy Desserts — 2 Ingredient Fudge

Quick & Easy Desserts —  No-Bake Cookie Dough Bars

Quick & Easy Desserts — Microwave Rice Krispie Treats

Quick & Easy Desserts —  Funfetti Cake Batter Dip

Quick & Easy Desserts — Cereal Brittle (Added after class)

Quick & Easy Desserts — Classic No-Bake Cookies (Added after class)

Won Tons 3 Ways — Pork Siomai

Won Tons 3 Ways — Lumpia

Won Tons 3 Ways — Dave’s Pork Wonton Filling

Won Tons 3 Ways — Didi’s Basic Pork Filling