Michelle Hathaway

Prep Cook

  • Biography


I am 29 years old. Being in the kitchen has always been my dream, but if you would have asked me a year ago where I saw myself headed you would have heard a whole different answer. I had a goal and I fought for it, to get a job, to get a job at PLU was just a bonus, it meant my dream was coming true.

I have always cooked, and baked at home, and it was my happy place, where I felt at my very best. I have learned to always fight for my goals, and never give up. I have enjoy recipes that the “Pioneer Woman” makes and am also a huge crockpot fan. My favorite dish to make would be a toss up between my white chicken chili and something I just whip up and toss in. Always a very adventurous eater, always willing to try everything at least once.