Teaching and Course Feedback

The Office of the Provost is responsible for conducting course evaluations using the “Teaching and Course Feedback” form each Summer, Fall, J-Term, and Spring.

Note: The Office of the Provost does not specify who will be evaluated or determine the questions on the survey form. Course evaluations are administered in accordance with the guidelines set forth and approved by the Faculty Assembly. Please refer to the PLU Faculty Handbook for more details. 

PLU utilizes a web-based student end-of-course evaluation system, which is hosted by an off-site vendor known as EvaluationKIT. EvaluationKIT uses a secure server that ensures the security of all data.

What Is EvaluationKIT and How Does It Work?

EvaluationKit is a fully hosted online tool for administering course evaluations. The tool is available for use campus-wide and is integrated with Banner and the PLU e-Pass, providing easy access for both instructors and students. Course evaluations and reports can be accessed on any computer or mobile device. EvaluationKIT is easy, convenient, secure and confidential.

For FAQ's, more details on specific user roles and EvaluationKIT access, use the links below:

When Do Course Evaluations Take Place?

This is dependent on the specific course and the academic calendar in which it is offered. As per the Faculty Handbook, the course evaluation window is open during the last two weeks of the course plus finals week during a regular semester. Half semester, J-Term and Summer course evaluations are open for one week prior to the course end date. Provost Office will pull courses, instructors, and students list from Banner on the 11th day of instruction (after official 10th day numbers have posted).

To view a specific course evaluation timeline

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Course Evaluation Timeline

Prior To Evaluation Launch  

  • After Official 10th Day Numbers – Provost Office will pull courses, instructors, and students list from Banner.
  • 2 Weeks Prior “Pre-Survey Period” –  During this 2 week period, Deans/Chairs and Faculty will be able to access EvaluationKIT and review course information and/or add custom questions to course(s) being evaluated. Instructors can “manage courses” or edit the start/end date(s) and time(s) of their survey(s) if they are planning to administer their evaluation(s) during class time. Any of these changes/additions must be completed prior to the default survey start date(s) listed in their email.
  • 1 Week Prior – Students receive “Pre-Survey” announcement email with course tables and survey dates.
  • 2 Days Prior – Instructors receive email notification that the survey will launch in 48 hours.

Evaluation Period – Last 3 Weeks of Course (last 2 weeks of course + finals week) for Fall, Spring and Summer Full-Term Courses. Last 1 Week of Course for J-Term and ALL Partial-Term Semester Courses.

  • Every 3 days – Reminder and/or Completion Notifications emailed to students.
  • Every 2 days – Response Rate emailed to Instructors.

After Evaluation Period Ends

  • 1 week after – Final Grades Due
  • 2 weeks after – Results Released

IMPORTANT: Instructors are responsible for verifying that course beginning/end dates, enrollment and instructor(s) information is correct in Banner prior to the integration which occurs after the 10th day of instruction. Changes made after this will not be captured by EvaluationKIT but can still be manually adjusted up to 2 weeks prior to the survey start date. Please contact the Provost Office with any changes to instructor/student or course enrollment information.