Teaching Squares

Are you interested in learning with and from your colleagues about pedagogy? Do you wish to get inspired by the awesome things happening in other people’s classrooms? Do you want non-evaluative feedback about your teaching from your peers? If so, you might be interested in joining a Teaching Square!

What is a teaching square?

Teaching Squares are an opportunity for faculty to gain insight into their own teaching through a non-evaluative process of reciprocal classroom observation and self-reflection. The purpose of the Teaching Square is to spur personal self-reflection rather than peer evaluation. Conversations are focused on what each member has learned about his/her teaching through the observation process. Direct commentary on colleagues’ performance is avoided.

What is the time commitment?

You will work with a group of 2-3 other colleagues to
(1) meet 3 times throughout the semester
(2) visit each others classrooms at least once
Therefore the time commitment is ~6 hours for the semester.

What are the benefits to participants?

1) Observe, analyze, and celebrate good teaching in all its forms
2) Experience the excitement and confusion of being a student
3) Re-energize your teaching
4) Create collaborative connections across disciplines (divisions and schools)

Learn more about the cornerstones of teaching squares, the benefits to participants, and the benefits beyond teaching squares in this executive summary. Please see the Teaching Squares Participant Handbook for even more information about the logistics of Teaching Squares and strategies for a successful experience.

Ready to Sign-Up?

Join a Teaching Square!

If you are interested in being a part of a Teaching Square, please register below and we will contact you with additional information.

Teaching Squares Executive Summary

Printable Teaching Squares Executive Summary

Teaching Squares Handbook

Printable Teaching Squares Handbook


Questions? Please contact the Office of the Provost at (253)535-7126 or provost@plu.edu.