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The New Course Feedback System EvaluationKIT

Why the new Teaching and Course Feedback form and online system?

As noted in the “Teaching Evaluation Task Force report, May 2015”, our current teaching evaluation instrument has been in place since the mid-1990’s and there have been concerns about validity (does the question accurately reflect what it’s intended to measure) and reliability (would the same results be collected if distributed at a different time?). Additionally, the costs of carrying out the current system (in paper, technology, and staff labor) are substantial and inconsistent with PLU’s commitment to sustainability. The new form was presented at the April 2016 Faculty Assembly, where it was discussed and approved for implementation beginning in summer, 2016.

Course Evaluation Process

Instructor Perspective

Note: All course evaluation announcements/notifications will be communicated through e-mail. Each of the e-mails described in the process below will contain direct links to your EvaluationKIT homepage or “Instructor Dashboard”.  Instructors can also access EvaluationKIT at any time by clicking on the EvaluationKIT login link located on this page.

Prior to Evaluation Period

  • 2 Weeks Prior “Pre-Survey Period” –  During this 2 week period, Instructors will be able to access EvaluationKIT and review course information and/or add custom questions to course(s) being evaluated. Additionally, they can “manage courses” or view and edit the start/end date(s) and time(s) of their survey(s) if they are planning to administer their evaluation(s) during class time. Any of these changes/additions must be completed prior to the default survey start date(s) listed in their email.

IMPORTANT: Instructors are responsible for notifying the Provost Office if any of their course information is inaccurate or missing.

  • Two days prior to the survey start date, Instructors will receive a “Pre-Survey Announcement” email notification letting them know that the survey will launch in 48 hours. This notification will include a “table of courses” listing each of their courses to be evaluated and the start/end dates for each survey.

During Evaluation Period

Instructors will receive a “Response Rate Notification” email every 2 days while their survey(s) is open.

After Evaluation Period Ends

Approximately 2 weeks after the evaluation period ends, Instructors will receive a “Results Notification Email” letting them know that feedback results are available for review. The link provided in this communication will give them access to their Instructor Dashboard and their reports. Please note that feedback will be available to the Instructors, Deans/Chairs after ALL final grades have been submitted to the Registrar’s Office for a given semester.