PLU graduates who studied away through the Wang Center are doing amazing work all over the world, from Washington State to Antarctica. Find out what they’re doing and how you can take advantage of global opportunities after PLU, too!

The Journey ContinuesTyle Fogle Alumni Story

Tyler Fogle, alum of PLU study away programs in Oaxaca, Granada and Ecuador, will be returning to Oaxaca this August to take Spanish intensivo and Mexican literature classes for 6-9 months. During this time, he plans to travel throughout Mexico and visit Ecuador to meet up with the host family that he stayed with in Quito. His goal after this is to enter la Universidad Anahauac Oaxaca in order to study in their law program. 

Where are they now?

Study Away alums describe their global career paths.

Kirsty Palmer, 2013 Steward at McMurdo Station in Antarctica

Allison Macklin

Allison Mackin, 2011 Peace Corps volunteer in Albania

Britt Rosenberg

Britt Rosenberg, 2005 Director, Corporate Partnerships, Mercy Corps

Carrie Hylander

Carrie Hylander, 2012 Completed Fulbright in Columbia

Erika Meyer

Erika Meyer, 2011 Worked for DIS in Copenhagen

Gai-Hoai Nguyen

Gai-Hoai Nguyen, 2009 Assistant Director, UW Center for Human Rights

Jake Taylor

Jake Taylor, 2009/10 Attending grad school in the Netherlands

Mycal Ford

Mycal Ford, 2012 Completed Fulbright in Taiwan

Sarah Wise

Sarah Wise, 2011 Completed a Marketing Internship in London

Alumni News

  • In 2014, five more Study Away alums received Fulbrights, bringing the PLU’s total number of recipients to 100. Learn what they’re doing.
  • Brian Erickson (2009), Oaxaca program alum, now works as a Policy Advocate for the ACLU of New Mexico’s Regional Center for Border Rights and spoke at the Wang Center’s 2014 Legacies of the Shoah Symposium. Watch Brian’s keynote online.
  • Reed Ojala-Barbour (2011), Oaxaca and Granada alum and Wang Grant recipient, recently discovered a new species while completing a Fulbright in Ecuador. Read more about Reed’s work.

Post-Grad Opportunities

Interested in learning more about how you can continue your global education after PLU?

  • Check out our Post-Grad Opportunities site for options to live, work, study, teach or volunteer abroad
  • Contact Career Connections to find out about relevant job opportunities in the US and internationally

Alumni Stories ImageStories of a Peace Corps Volunteer in Togo

After graduating from PLU, where she studied away for a semester in Paris, recent alum Sarah Slinker put her French skills to work as an English and Gender Education Peace Corps Volunteer in Togo, West Africa. Check out Sarah’s blog, To Togo I Shall Go, for lots of photos and stories documenting her experiences so far.