Meet Your Sojourner Advocates

Maylen Anthony posing at Platform 9 3/4

Maylen Anthony
Studied away in Granada, Spain (Spring 2014)
Class of 2016
Major: Hispanic Studies
Minors: Religion, Women’s & Gender Studies

Coming to PLU as a first-year, I knew that I wanted to study away in Spain. After taking four years of Spanish in high school, I didn’t want to lose the Spanish I had learned, and only wanted to better my fluency.  Luckily, Granada was a featured PLU program and was just the right fit for me. It featured a homestay experience, classes that fulfilled requirements for my major and Gen Eds, plus a completely immersive Spanish environment.

One of my greatest takeaways from my program was the chance to view the world from another lens, specifically regarding the media. I would watch the Spanish news during lunch and dinner with my host family and it was so valuable to see local, national, and world events through the Spanish media such as the death of Adolfo Suárez, the revolutions in Crimea, the abdication of King Juan Carlos in favor of his son Felípe, and illegal immigration of sub-Saharan migrants into Europe through Spain. I had an incredible experience during my semester abroad and I would not have traded it for the world!