Article I. – THE FACULTY


  1. The phrase “full-time visiting lecturers and associates” is not to be construed as representing a specific title. Rather, the phrase denotes the inclusion of the wide variety of academic appointments outside the usual rank structure, e.g., “composer in residence.”
  2. In the event that a particular appointment involves an element of doubt regarding the applicability of the phrase “full-time visiting lecturers and associates,” the issue shall be resolved in accordance with the procedures outlined in Article VII of the Faculty Constitution and the associated Bylaws.


The following considerations shall pertain to the office of professor emeritus:

  1. Every tenured member of the faculty shall be designated professor emeritus at the time of retirement.
  2. Upon recommendation of the Committee on Rank and Tenure and endorsement by a majority of the Faculty Assembly, any other retiring member of the faculty shall be designated professor emeritus.
  3. Professors emeriti shall have the same rights and privileges as other members of the faculty except the right to vote.
  4. Insofar as possible, the university shall make university facilities available to professors emeriti to assist them in their continuing scholarly activities.
  5. These provisions shall apply retroactively to all living former members of the faculty who meet the requirements stated in 1 or 2 above.


The following procedure shall pertain for election to membership in the faculty:

  1. Any full-time member of the non-teaching university staff may be nominated for membership in the faculty by the president or by at least fifteen members of the faculty.
  2. The nomination shall specify the proposed term of membership.
  3. The nomination shall be presented to the Faculty Assembly, and after opportunity for discussion, a vote shall be taken by secret ballot.
  4. The nominee shall be declared elected if endorsement by at least two-thirds of those casting ballots is received.