The individual faculty member upon appointment becomes a member of a community of scholars who respect and uphold the principles of Lutheran Higher Education with the following rights and obligations:

  1. A faculty member shall enjoy the rights of academic freedom as articulated in the Pacific Lutheran University Principles of Academic Freedom.
  2. A faculty member shall not engage in outside activities which consume so much time and energy as to interfere with obligations to the university.
  3. A faculty member shall have the obligation to serve on faculty committees or in other posts when duly elected or appointed, unless excused by action of the faculty or by action of its elected representatives as described below. In cases in which illness or other extraordinary circumstances prevent an elected or Faculty Executive Committee-appointed faculty member from successfully serving out their term, the faculty member may jointly petition the Governance Committee, the chair of the faculty, and the vice chair of the faculty to be excused from service. To do this, the faculty member must submit to the chair of the faculty or the chair of the Governance Committee a letter providing reasons for the petition. This letter may be accompanied by supporting documentation, if desired by the petitioner or requested by a member of the decision-making body. If the joint ruling is not in the petitioner’s favor, the petitioning faculty member may seek to be excused from service by action of the faculty.
  4. A faculty member shall comply with administrative procedures with respect to registration, grade reports, and other matters which may be required by action of the faculty.
  5. A faculty member shall enjoy the right of criticism and of active engagement in attempts to change university policy.


The following general qualifications shall apply in evaluating a candidate for admission to the faculty:

  1. A candidate shall support the objectives of the university as stated in the catalog.
  2. A candidate shall show competence in their field.
  3. A candidate shall evidence a potential to carry out professional teaching and administrative responsibilities effectively.
  4. A candidate shall exhibit traits and qualities of mind suited to continuing scholarship and professional growth.
  5. A candidate shall not be excluded from membership in the faculty on the basis of sex, race, ethnic background, or familial relationship to another member of the faculty.