Section 1.

Pacific Lutheran University’s academic quality and reputation for excellence depend most directly on its faculty who foster its mission to “…empower students for lives of thoughtful inquiry, service, leadership and care—for other people, for their communities, and for the earth.” Students are intellectually stimulated, challenged academically, and engaged in the mission of the university when they interact with quality faculty who are engaged in that same mission. These interactions represent a considerable investment. Faculty give generously of themselves to students, not only as teachers, but also as mentors and advisors to students exploring their vocational questions.

Section 2.

Faculty are motivated by their passion for their disciplines, as well as their love of teaching. Both must be embraced and supported. The university values and recognizes its dependence on faculty who are committed to excellence and who are vitally engaged in their teaching, scholarship, and citizenship. Further, it seeks to cultivate such a faculty. Doing so requires that the university honor faculty’s investment in the shared mission of Pacific Lutheran University by acknowledging and supporting faculty’s efforts in teaching, scholarship, and citizenship.

Section 3.

  1. The university must recognize the value of hiring tenure-track faculty and retaining tenured faculty. It must recognize the considerable intellectual capital that faculty bring to their dual roles as teachers and scholars, and provide appropriate resources for faculty’s research and creative projects. This will allow faculty to grow as teachers and scholars and, in turn, stimulate and challenge our students.
  2. Thus, Pacific Lutheran University supports a compensation system for faculty (direct compensation, benefits, and career-related investments) that:
    1. Is compatible with and supportive of the university’s mission statement.
    2. Is fair and non-discriminatory.
    3. Attracts and retains a highly qualified diverse faculty by setting pay competitive with peer institutions and recruiting markets, and which is at the same time aligned with the availability of institutional and unit resources.
    4. Demonstrates the high value the university places on excellent faculty by rewarding the tenure and promotion of productive and skilled teachers, scholars, and university citizens.
    5. Helps the university compete successfully for faculty with a mix of disciplinary expertise and skills vital to its mission.
    6. Provides long-term opportunities and resources for professional development.
    7. Is reviewed annually to ensure that it remains competitive with the appropriate peer institutions.