Pacific Lutheran University . . .

  1. understands and identifies itself as a Christian university in view of its Lutheran heritage, ownership and governance, mission, and educational philosophy.
  2. formalizes this identity as a Lutheran—and so, Christian—university in part through the provision of regular opportunities for worship (University Chapel and the University Congregation) and through the support of campus ministry staffed by Lutheran clergy (Campus Ministry Office).
  3. actively encourages the Christian faith and life of students, staff, and faculty while recognizing the diversity of Christian denominations and traditions represented within the university community.
  4. values the presence of those from other faith traditions, and also those who belong to no faith tradition, acknowledging the benefits within an educational institution of pluralism of ideas and commitments.
  5. provides for the academic study of Christianity and other religious traditions through the course offerings of its Religion Department.
  6. allows for members of the university community to organize recognized religious clubs whose activities are consistent with the university’s educational objectives.
  7. retains the right to restrict and/or prohibit those religious groups whose activities originate outside of the university, conflict with the educational objectives of the university, or violate established university policies or procedures (for example, active, coercive, or confrontational proselytizing on campus, excessive use of university bulletin boards, or the excessive influence of off-campus organizations).