Section 1.

  1. All persons in this category are hired in a primary role to support the academic mission of the university. Teaching contact is not required for persons in this category.
  2. Associates to the Faculty Assembly hold university appointments which are not intrinsically related to a recognized academic field or discipline, but which entail substantial involvement with academic programs and faculty-related responsibilities. Whether such involvement is sufficiently constant and substantial in any given case to warrant this designation is to be decided by the provost and the president. Consequently, this designation does not attach to an individual for the term of their employment at PLU, but is assigned only so long as the person holds a qualified position.
  3. The provost, in consultation with the chair of the faculty, shall be responsible for establishing the list of those positions which qualify for this status.
  4. Associates to the Faculty Assembly have the privilege of voice, in the Faculty Assembly.  Associates to the Faculty Assembly do no have the right to vote in Faculty Assembly or in electronic balloting.
  5. Associates to the Faculty Assembly who teach are subject to review of their teaching through the usual process of teaching evaluations.