Building a Career in a Data-Driven Age

A Guide to a Master’s in Marketing Analytics

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About This Guide

Are you someone who has dabbled in a variety of roles at a number of organizations, but wants to establish a clear and valuable skill set? Or are you someone who loves their current workplace, but sees a need for more strategic, data-driven decision making and wants to fill the need? Or maybe you’re looking for a brand new career that offers you more money and more room to grow?

There’s no time like the present to build your dream career in data analytics or marketing analytics. In fact, you are ahead of the curve, as demand and opportunity for analysts increases in the coming decade.  This resource is designed to offer a comprehensive look at the opportunities available for those who wish to build a career in analytics.

In this guide, we outline

  • The growing need for skilled analysts
  • The field of market research and marketing analytics
  • Career opportunities for marketing analysts
  • Advantages of a master’s degree in marketing analytics
  • Pacific Lutheran University’s Master of Science in Marketing Analytics