Program Overview

The MSMA is a quantitatively rigorous, qualitatively rich, STEM-designated program. The program is offered as a fully online program or a hybrid program which includes some on campus classes.

The degree offers application of exploratory and measurable research through client projects and prepares candidates for careers, such as, but not limited to marketing research analysts, brand managers, big data analysts, marketing scientists, consumer insights specialists, economic analysts and account executives.

Ethical standards are an important aspect of the MSMA program and are integrated into each course. Students specifically learn the standards for ethical marketing research expected of each marketing professional. Codes of ethical conduct draw from the practice expectations of professional marketing associations.

The MSMA is an analytical degree allowing candidates to:

  • Know what data to capture and which data collection methods to use
  • Understand how to analyze the data using advanced research methods and statistical modeling
  • Formulate recommendations to advance business and organizational strategies
  • Communicate data-driven decisions with business and organizational leadership

One-Year Program

Length: 9 months (September – May)
Total semester hours: 36