PLU Podcasting

This research conducted by MSMA student Nathan, took an exploratory look at the podcasting potential within Pacific Lutheran University’s School of Business. The research focused on identifying the preferred format and content derived from measuring respondents’ input on several variables relating to both elements.

Increasing Online Sales for South Tacoma Honda: Progressive insights Through Marketing Analytics

The primary objective of this project was to determine the most effective allocation of resources to enhance the online sales of automobiles for South Tacoma Honda. To accomplish this goal, the MSMA research team of Jimmy and Adam conducted a survey and developed marketing strategies to boost the online sales of new cars.

Lead Generation and Marketing for Mortgage Loan Originators

MSMA student Alex stated that the driving force for initiating this project was to acquire data and devise methods for simplifying the lead generation and referral partner acquisition process for mortgage brokers and loan originators. The main objective of this research was to devise a strategy for minimizing the number of hours spent on cold calling and lead prospecting. The analysis results yielded preliminary insights and directions for future research inquiries.

Assessing the Innovative: Implementation and Acceptance of Change Within the Veterans Health Administration

This study examined the impact of reform on the perception of Puget Sound veterans towards the innovative measures implemented by the Puget Sound VHA Healthcare system, as well as their overall assessment of the quality of care provided by the VHA. MSMA researchers Eric, David, and Zuleyka identified Trust, Convenience, and Professionalism as the key factors influencing satisfaction ratings among veterans. Making use of regression analysis, the research team investigated the relationship between these factors and the level of satisfaction. The findings of this study were utilized to provide marketing strategies to the VHA.