Beginning Fall 2021, the MSMA program will be offered fully online.

Program Cost

The online MSMA program requires 36 semester credits for completion. It can be completed in 9 months or over 21 months.

For students entering the program in Fall 2021, the total tuition is $37,440 for 36 semester credits or $1,040 per semester credit. Tuition is based on a cohort model. Students must complete the program with their cohort to remain eligible for cohort pricing.

Total program tuition: $37,440
Cost for each semester credit: $1,040

Additional fees will include: Technology fee ($250/year), wellness fee ($100/year), a one-time matriculation fee ($200), Books, Parking Fee, materials for coursework.

Download the 2021-2022 program cost sheet for details.

Federal financial aid is available, and students may apply for PLU graduate scholarships. The FAFSA application becomes available for the following academic year on October 1st.

9-Month Option
TermCredit HoursCost
Fall 202116$16,640
J-Term 20224$4,160
Spring 202216$16,640
21-Month Option
TermCredit HoursCost
Fall 20218$8,320
Spring 20228$8,320
Fall 20228$8,320
J-Term 20234$4,160
Spring 20238$8,320