Alumni Relations

The objective of this study was to explore alternative means of communication with alumni, beyond soliciting donations. The MSMA research team of Isaiah and Liam focused on the potential interest of alumni in alumni-specific events as a mechanism for fostering a closer relationship between the university and its graduates. The findings of the focus group discussion and survey provided valuable insights into alumni preferences and interest levels, which could be utilized to develop targeted marketing initiatives.

Microsoft Business Planning Group: Exploring the Technology Needs of the Frontline Worker

The objective of this study was to gain a comprehensive understanding of frontline workers and their technological requirements. To achieve this, MSMA researcher Romain utilized the findings to determine the defining characteristics of frontline workers across various industries. The first focus of the study was to establish a clear definition of the term “frontline worker” based on the data collected. The second focus was to analyze the needs of frontline workers in relation to Microsoft products and services. The results of this investigation could be used to develop tailored devices that cater to the specific technological requirements of frontline workers in their respective industries.