Frequently Asked Questions

Wordpress General FAQ's

Who do I report a broken link to?

Julie Winters(Web Support Coordinator)


What happened? Everything is blank where I usually edit the elements on the page?

The “WPBakery Page Builder” box sometimes gets accidentally dragged and dropped all the way to the very bottom  of the right hand column of elements. You just have to drag it back to the middle column of the page.

Page builder missing
Page builder location

Drag page builder

Wordpress Document and Form FAQ's

How do I upload a document?

Please refer to this page

Where is the url for the document I uploaded?

All documents after they are uploaded are stored in Media. Here is an example.

Documents and Forms

If you are trying to access the URL to hyperlink into a paragraph, go to your media library and select the document you wish to use.

Media Document Location

Then copy the URL.

Copy URL Location

To learn how to paste a URL into a paragraph, please go here

Wordpress Element FAQ's

Where are the elements?

Go to the page you wish to edit. If the top-left button says “Backend Editor”, click it so it says “Classic Mode”

Enter Classic mode

The elements can be found by pressing the ‘+’ button on the page you are editing.

Elements Edit

or if it is an empty page:

Adding Initial Elements

How do I add a hyperlink to some words in a paragraph?

To add a link to the text, highlight the text, and hit the link button to insert the link. Then enter the link into the bar that pops up, click apply and publish/update.

add a link to text

How do I add a video to a page?

Add the video player element to your page.  Click here for more information on the element.

Note: you can only use videos from Youtube or Vimeo.

Wordpress Media FAQ's

How do I upload a photo?

Please refer to this page

Wordpress Page FAQ's

How do I create a new page in wordpress?

Please refer to this page

I created a page, how come it's not showing on the left navigation?

To make a page visible on the sidebar, you have to add the page to the main menu of your site. Here you can see a more thorough explanation on how to accomplish this.

How do I make a page URL shorter?

To shorten your URL you have to request a redirect or alias. A redirect will create a shorter link and point it to the long link you would like to replace. This effectively shortens the URL. Here is the form to request a redirect.

Wordpress Staff FAQ's

How do I take out a staff member?

To remove a staff member, go to the staff section of your WordPress dashboard.

Staff Location

Once you are there, hover over the staff member you want to remove and hit the trash button underneath their name.

staff remove

How do I add a staff member?

Please refer to this page

Formstack FAQ's

How can I share the submissions with another person or department?

There are two ways to share the submissions.

  1. Go to the submissions section and click on Sharing. A dropdown will open, click on Everything, Done.  This will generate a blue Share Link that you can share with another person or department without having to share your password.
  2. This one is a bit more complicated. Since we use google email, we can integrate Formstack with google sheets and/or google drive. Then you can share your sheet with another person or department. Get a hold of Julie Winters if you would like to learn this technique.

Campaign Monitor FAQ's

How can I change the spacing between lines?

Instead of pressing ‘enter’ when you want to go to the next line, press ‘shift’ and ‘enter.’

Will the other people signed in to our department account see all of the campaigns (emails)?